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My Eyes Have Been Opened

  I have chosen to not speak about the pandemic that has come and taken over the world, like a masked villain whose sole purpose is to cause havoc upon the city.  I have found that it is hard to get away from what’s happening in the world right now.  There are updates constantly on… Continue reading My Eyes Have Been Opened


Cats and Socks, Green Eggs and Ham?

Howdy!~ It’s been a bit since I last babbled (I feel like I am in a confession booth…).  Has there been babbles, yes, but nothing worthy enough to publish.  Of course I have been talking and chatting and think think thinking, yet, none of that has made it from mind to pen, to paper.  Which… Continue reading Cats and Socks, Green Eggs and Ham?

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I Love Art

I love art.  To me art is an outlet of my creativity as well as my energy. When painting, each brush stroke allows me to take a deep breath and really feel what I am doing.  To slowly emerge into the artwork and feel it deep down inside of my body. Every time I hot… Continue reading I Love Art

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Childlike Happiness

I came across a picture on my Facebook memories today.  It's a black and white photo.  The focus is water sprinkling out of a hose, held by my daughter, wearing her black combat boots with pink laces. This is one of my favorite pictures.  The composition of the photo is on point.  The rule of… Continue reading Childlike Happiness

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Maintaining Balance

At times life gets insane.  Waking up, getting the household ready for work and school.  Working the day away, only to come home, and start the after-work routine.  It’s exhausting and seemingly relentless. If you co-manage your life with a mental health condition, life gets even more complicated.  All that needs to be accomplished can… Continue reading Maintaining Balance

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Precious Time

I learn many things every day.  This increase in knowledge affects all aspects of my life.  My life is better with what I’ve gained through this process. The biggest thing that I have encountered, which transformed my world, is the idea of how we spend our time.  To elaborate, how much time are we allowing… Continue reading Precious Time

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When there are no babbles

The below was composed yesterday, but inadvertently not posted.  Babbles HAVE returned, but slowly and not so gracefully. Yesterday I was struggling to write.  I was overcome with emotions and thoughts.  However, when it came to placing them on paper, it just wasn’t working.  I was off, just not in the right place to write. … Continue reading When there are no babbles