It’s the little things in life, like new jeans

jeansAs I have gotten older, I have found that the little things in life bring me extraordinary joy.  And by extraordinary joy, I mean the size of an elephant wearing bloomers, holding an umbrella balancing on top of a brightly colored beach ball amounts of joy.

Over the weekend I took my girl to the local Goodwill (still one of my favorite places to find a good bargain, not ashamed to shop there, girls gotta do what a girls gotta do) and hot damn, kiss my mother on the mouth if it wasn’t 50% off day Saturday.  Well, this day was ordained by Moses himself and since we just happened to arrive at this very store, on this given day, it meant that not only was little missy getting the tank tops that she needed but mama was getting herself some new jeans.

See, I lost a decent amount of weight, I’d say twenty pounds was a decent amount of weight, I guess you could say it was a complimentary amount of weight, neither here nor there, I lost enough weight that my jeans were dropping off my ass.  I had told myself that I was just going to deal with it, that having loose jeans was better than having tight jeans, but I was really starting to get annoyed.  There was so much room in the seat of my jeans it felt like I was missing my arse, and I, at times, needed to look back there just to make sure I had not left my bum in the car sitting on the car seat.

I struggled with buying new jeans for fear that I would gain back the weight I lost due to a medication change.  However, it had been two months and so far, (knock on wood) I had been in the clear, but knowing my luck as soon as I post this blog, I am going to balloon up like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  But, I took the plunge.

At the Goodwill, we found the tweenager tank tops she needed (meeting school dress code policy) and that meant that now it was my turn.  The trick was to shop in a swift fashion before the “my legs hurt” whine was expressed, which I estimated would be exclaimed in about 20 minutes.

Within the jeans section I found some denims in my size, in the brands I like, the style I prefer, and the colors that are still in style for this decade.  I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Once at home, we put on a fashion show, because what else do you do with new clothes?  With Taylor Swift blaring out “We are never getting back together again” of the radio, I tried on my first pair of jeans and it was orgasmic.  They were a perfect fit: flat across the stomach, Goldilocks on the bum (not too tight, but not too loose) and just the right amount of stretch in the hips.  I held back the tears as a Cheshire grin crossed my face.  So much perfection for a mere $3.50.  I was taken aback by my shopping skills.  The next four pairs of jeans fit the same exact way.  I could’ve jumped up and clapped my heels together like a leprechaun if I didn’t think I would fall and break my neck.

The next day I was tasked with journaling about a positive experience for the day.  Mine was simple: Wearing jeans that fit.

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that matter the most.

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