How was your day?

unicornsEvery day when I get home, the kids greet me with a simple question: “How was your day?”

I am a pretty straightforward person.  I say things how they are with little to no sugar coating.  I spent an extended amount of time telling people what I thought they wanted to hear and ended up living a double life.  And that’s just not something I am willing to do anymore.  So, when the kids ask me about my day, if it was a day where a coworker was crabby and I got stuck in traffic and I spilled coffee down the front of my new shirt, I tell them just that.

It hit me this week that more often than naught, my answers to their questions are negative in nature.  I don’t consider myself a negative person.  However, I can be a true realist which can be misconstrued as a negative person.  With all that has happened in my life, I feel like I remain pretty optimistic, but I know that I do have room to be a bit more positive, and that’s something I am working on.

On Tuesday, a rather challenging day at the office due my coworker’s moods, the kids asked me about my day and I responded, “It was challenging but I made the best of it.”  That morning, I made the decision that I was going to make the best of my days and not allow other’s negativity to spoil my apple cart.  I would embrace radiant rainbows, sparkly unicorns and amazing tasting, no fat, calorie free cupcakes.  On that day, instead of letting the large grey cloud rain on me, I streamed Kacey Musgraves and sang along out loud.  My singing may have made the attitudes of my coworkers worse because in no way can I sing, but I really didn’t care.  I was going to make the best of the day no matter how hard it would be.

Making the effort to change my mindset has been addicting.  The change in my outlook has made the last two days just better.  In reality there are no smiling sunflowers, a bright yellow cheery shining sun, or blue birds sitting at my window singing beautiful songs to wake me in the morning, but they have been two better than average days.  Not good because amazing things happened and everyone at work was happy as a kid in a candy store, but good because I willed them to be good.

I have learned that we should control what’s within our control.  I know I can control my attitude.  I can turn any event into something positive.  Upon my return home after a day at work, I can find positive things to share with my children.

My therapist has me write down three positive things that happen each day in a journal.  This forces you to focus on the positives, but it also creates a book that is full of positive things.  A book that you can reference later and review how great of a life that you have.

Right now, there is so much negativity in the world and it is overwhelming.  We each have a choice every day to make our day what we want it to be.  I suggest focusing on the positive in each day, and challenge yourself to embrace the positive.  See how it transforms your mindset, I think you will be surprised.

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