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The Choice is Ours

todays-decisions-tomorrows-impactEach day we are given the opportunity to make choices.  There are the choices of what will I eat for breakfast, and the dreaded, “what will I wear?”  Although these are choices that we make, those are not the choices that I am talking about.  I am referring to the choice of what kind of a day we are going to have.  Are we going to have a positive attitude kind of day, or are we going to have a day that is filled with despair?

When I wake up in the morning, I tell myself that I am going to have a positive day.  That I am going to conquer my fears and not let the negativity of others affect how I feel throughout that day.  Daily we encounter people who are all going through their own trials and tribulations.  There’s a saying that you should be nice to the people that you meet because you don’t know the hell they are going through.  This is a saying that I keep forefront in my mind.  Everyone has bad days, but with a mental illness, they can linger.  I would hope that people would be forgiving and understand that I am going through some challenges and need a bit more understanding than usual.

I struggle with consistently providing grace and understanding to those that act in a way that is not positive or uplifting.  I lose patience with their anger, frustration, verbal lashings and overall negative disposition.  Many days I would like to avoid all contact with people like this, but that is not a possibility.  So, what do I do?  I remember that people who are suffering lash out.  I tell myself that they are using the back part of the brain, the older, more archaic part of the brain, rather than using the front part of the brain that processes things with reason.  I remember that they may have more going on than what we can see at the surface, they are overwhelmed and they just don’t know how to handle their stress.  I remind myself that I am not to blame.  I know that should the situation get too hot, I can leave, as I need to protect myself from harm.  Perhaps the hardest thing that I do, is remind myself that I used to be like that.  I used to lash out at my friends and family (and co-workers) when I was overwhelmed, turning into an ugly person because I was boiling over.  I remain thankful for the progress that I have made and how my life is better.

I go back to the exercise that my therapist taught me about identifying three positives things each day.  My items for today are: (1) Getting to work safely (2) Having a blueberry muffin and hot cup of yummy, strong coffee for breakfast and (3) Being in a place of mental stability for a few months now.

What choices are you making today?  Are you choosing to be positive, uplifting and happy?  What’s standing in your way?  Are the things standing in your way within your control?  How can you be more positive today?


Positivity and Mental Illness: Please get help

Being a person who has suffered from depression, I know that there comes a point in time when we are unable to make the decision to be positive.  That the bleakness of the depression clouds our vision and we are not able to see past the dark, lingering clouds, to see any light.  How, if we could, we wouldn’t be down and out, thinking only on negatives and wishing that all the darkness would just end.  When I have been in this place, I sought out assistance from my Psychiatrist and my Psychologist.  With their help, I used medication to regain balance in my brain and learned techniques to help keep the depression at bay.  Having depression is an extenuating circumstance, a medical condition that needs to receive medical attention.  If you are struggling with depression, please seek help.  (In Arizona, Crisis Network 1-800-631-1314 and Nationwide, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1‑800‑273‑TALK , )


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