Bipolar Disorder

Check Engine Light

CR-Cars-Hero-What-Does-Check-Engine-Light-Mean-04-16Wouldn’t it be nice if our bodies had check engine lights in the same fashion that our cars do?  If we would be notified when something is wrong, perhaps that our fluids are running low or we are slightly unbalanced?  With a “check engine light” we would be better able to get to a doctor proactively, hook us up to an obd2 scanner and we would be told exactly what was wrong with us.

I imagine that there is such a device, but that most people are not able to afford access to such amazing tools.  But goodness, if we did, how amazing would that tool be?  I bet people would be as excited about it as they were when the mercury thermometer was first invented in 1714.

I have a feeling that although we do not have a light that comes on in our body, we are given clues when something is not functioning as optimally as it could be.  For instance, for three days now my right eye has been twitching.  A WebMD search indicated that a twitching eye is referred to as blepharospasm.  Doctors don’t know what causes this, but they believe that it can be linked to fatigue, stress and caffeine.

My eye is telling me that I am tired (which I have been), that I am stressed (which I am) and perhaps I am ingesting too much caffeine because of me being fatigued due to stress?  Well, isn’t that a dirty peach?  My body is telling me I need to make some changes.  Over the last month, I have worked more and had more stress at work due to the holidays and co-workers taking much needed time off work.  Thank goodness, I finished up my fall semester the beginning of December before everything started to go balls to the wall at work.  When I am stressed, I don’t sleep as well at night because the stress increases my anxiety and when my anxiety is heightened my brain races and I think all sorts of wonderous, glorious, disturbing and intrusive thoughts eluding sleep.  With the change in sleep, I drink more coffee (morning and afternoon) to try and make it through the day.  With the increase in stress, lack of sleep, increase of caffeine and problematic anxiety, I must increase my Lexapro which in turn bumps me higher and I tip toe into mania.  It’s like a whole domino effect.

Our bodies do tell us when something is off or wrong, we just need to listen.  My body is telling me that I need to reduce my stress, rebalance my sleep and cut back on caffeine.  The increase in anxiety attacks and this damn twitching of my eye are clearly trying to reach out to me to tell me something’s gotta give.

Over the last week I have started back on a work out regime.  In addition, I have enrolled in a class to become certified in meditation and mindfulness.  Reducing responsibilities at work, the addition of exercise and modest changes to my diet should help to naturally relieve the symptoms that I have been experiencing.  Maintaining a positive mindset and focusing on positivity will be the icing on the cake.

I am amazed at how our bodies do reach out to us and let us know when we need to make a modification to what we are doing so we can function more optimally.  I encourage you to listen to your body, analyze what it is saying and make the appropriate changes to better your life.

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