Miss Michelle’s Beauty Salon

hair stachWhen I was young, my mom would relax in the blue floral recliner and I would brush and style her hair.  My mom had amazing, full, lush and long, very curly hair and I loved to get my fingers tangled in it.  I also loved the time I got to spend with my mom, just me and her.  I referred to this time as “Miss Michelle’s Beauty Salon” and used to say it in a very bad French accent.  As a child, I did not know how amazing it felt to have someone run their fingers through your hair.

It wasn’t until I had a little one in my life that I realized how spectacular it is to have someone play with your hair.  Having a child play with your hair, with their small and very soft hands, is one of the most relaxing things within this galaxy.  Minus the times that they get a comb twisted and stuck in your hair, that’s not so relaxing.

Last night, out of the blue, my daughter asked to play with my hair.  I immediately said yes.  One of the ways she shows love, is through the love language of acts of service.  She left the dining room and went into my bathroom and grabbed an array of hair accessories and combs.  Within a short amount of time she returned, and she proudly proclaimed, “Welcome to My Beauty Salon” in a bad French accent.  I nearly cried remembering the joy I had as a child when I was with my mom and I was overwhelmed with emotion.  It was now my turn to the mom and have my daughter play with my hair.  Regardless of the time difference, I sent my mom a text with a picture and let her know that I missed her.

The beauty salon time lasted for an hour or more.  She would do my hair and then I’d have to pose for a picture.  Once she ran out of ideas for my hair, it was my turn.  I did hair styles from every generation and I too took pictures.  We were blaring Taylor Swift and singing along (it’s what we do when we are together, always).  It was such a tremendous evening.  A wonderous, simple night where an immense amount of quality time was spent with those that I love the most.  When 8:30 PM finally rolled around, I announced that it was time to get ready for bed.  However, we did agree that we would have beauty shop time again tonight, starting at 7 PM.

I love my life.  There are aspects of it that are incredibly less than ideal, but when I take the wide-angle lens perspective, I can undoubtedly state that I really do love my life.  I have received so many blessings.  I can see why I needed to move across the country nearly nine years ago with my meager belongings and at that time, my one cat.  It was time for me to meet the people that would become my family in the very near future.  When I am having a difficult day, or I am going through a phase of instability, I recall all the wonderful, positive things that fill my life every day.  And I don’t have to look far, just focus on the people that live with me.

I was told that I would probably not be able to conceive a child eleven years ago.  But, I was never told that I would not be a mom.

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4 thoughts on “Miss Michelle’s Beauty Salon”

    1. How awesome is that?!? It amazes me how so many wonderful memories rise to the surface as I get older and as I become more entwined with the lives of my two kiddos. They are such a blessing to me and I feel so incredibly blessed to have them in my life and creating memories with them.
      Thanks for taking the time to read the blog 🙂

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