All Dressed Up and No Where to Go

26165462_10100701966362619_6470790273015826684_n (1)Do you ever have those days when you put on a super cute outfit and then you realize that you really don’t have anywhere to go?  It’s just a normal day and you just throw something on and it is instantly spectacular?

That is me today.  I put in a little bit of extra effort into my outfit today because, well, I just wanted to. (self-care, right?)  A pencil skirt, paired with a peplum top, wide belt, tights and wedges and bam!! Holy Moses and the ark, I look pretty damn good!  Rocking it actually!  I am sitting here wondering where I can go to show off my awesome threads… do we need milk? Perhaps we are out of cleaning sponges?  Do we have enough salt?

Being a person who has major body insecurities, when I have a good day, it makes it a really fantastic day.  I even went as far as to clean my full-length mirror, so I could take a picture and send it off to my mama to say, “hey mama, look at this pretty baby you made!”

Speaking of Mom, we used to obsessively watch the show What Not to Wear and that’s where we obtained most of our fashion advice.  I learned to dress for my figure and I think that was a key thing to learn.  So often I wanted to wear what was in style, and I would put it on and I would look like an Idaho potato in a tutu!  I would get so incredibly upset because I did not look like the mannequin, but I’d have to remind myself that hey there missy, you are not plastic!

I learned to wear clothes that accentuate my waist, as it is a bit smaller than my hips.  I also learned to use belts as that helps to create that look of the hour glass figure that I so desperately wish that I had.  The belts help to draw the eye of the beholder to the narrowest part of your body and it helps to hide “flaws”, and by flaws, I mean perhaps a little bit more roundness in the tummy area (well hello there side effects from a hysterectomy at an early age).

For me, my essentials in my wardrobe are wide belts in assorted colors, peplum tops, fitted skirts and tights.  I also have several full slips because I was raised that we need to dress modestly, and I always feel like I need to have some sort of an undershirt on under my clothes.  I also have several dresses that are fitted in the bodice and then have a fuller skirt that starts at the natural waist.  This too helps to give that illusion of the smaller waist and the hourglass figure.

Who am I kidding, everything I just mentioned is LuLaRoe (www.lularoe.com )!  Find a local consultant (https://www.facebook.com/lularoe.lindsaykarnes/) and stock up ladies and gents…  The fabrics are all amazing especially for those with sensitivity to fabrics while still being of high quality.  The Amelia dress is my favorite, followed by the Nicole.  Skirts that I own include the Cassie (pencil skirt) and the Azure (a fit and flare, knee length).  I also have a maxi skirt (first one I ever have owned) and it totally makes me feel like a hippy!

Pair the pieces with fancy blouses or t-shirts and either way you get a comfortable, adorable, body confidence boosting outfit.  Accessorize with a few Parklane Jewelry pieces (www.parklanejewelry.com) and you’ve got an outfit that will stop traffic (but remember to always use a crosswalk, as anything other than crossing at a crosswalk is jaywalking and illegal).

Happy Days to you and I hope you are able to embrace what you have and learn to be really excited about your clothes, like I am!

7 thoughts on “All Dressed Up and No Where to Go”

  1. It is crazy how much an outfit can make you feel like everything is ok. We all fit in with our ‘uniforms’… I saw a clip of Guy Ritchie talking about his love of wearing suits on Joe Rogan’s podcast, really hit home. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Isn’t it?
      I feel so much better when I am wearing something that just makes me feel like a million bucks.
      Some of the best advice I received when I was depressed included getting up, getting a shower and getting dressed.
      My mom used to encourage me to spend an extra 5 minutes on myself on the days when I was not feeling my best, “putting my face on” and you know what, it really does help!
      I hope you have a fantastic day… thanks for reading!


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