Michelle’s Makeover


It’s been nearly six months since I sat in the hair stylist chair.  My hair has grown quite a bit and it, in my opinion, resembles that of a poodle that was washed and dried with high heat.  My hair is large and in charge.  Like a mane of a lion.  It’s thick and wavy and well over due for a trim.

I met with the stylist and I explained what I liked about my hair, the length, and what I did not like, the thickness in the back.  I showed five or so pictures of what I liked and what I appreciated about each picture.  The goal was to have full bangs cut (I have not had those for years) and layers cut in my hair while framing around my face.

For the first time in a long time, I did not have that feeling in my gut that I was doing something impulsive.  I did not worry that I would regret what I was doing.  I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my hair for more than a month now and was certain I knew what I wanted.

On top of the stress of getting my hair cut, I saw a new stylist today, someone I have never met, at a salon where I have never gone to before.  This was a tremendous leap of faith.  I did remind myself that it is JUST hair and it WILL grow back, no matter what should happen.

I paid extra to have my hair shampooed and a deep conditioning treatment.  This equated to multiple head massages and I was in heaven.  The warm water flowing over my head, her perfectly manicured nails scratching across the surface of my scalp.  It was probably the most enjoyable part of the time I spent at the salon.

Post wash, while sitting in the chair, with the uncomfortable cape around my neck I just looked at myself.  I challenged myself to silently speak positive affirmations to myself.  I noticed that I have very, very green eyes.  After having the bangs cut, with my deep brown hair now grazing my eyebrows, my eyes really started to stand out.  I also kept coming across my freckles.  I have a TON of them and even having foundation covering my face, you can clearly see the discoloration of my skin.  I looked at my hair, the color to be specific.  It is varying colors of brown.  This is a result of time I have spent over the last two months playing with hair dye with my kids.  They wanted to bleach their hair, so I added some highlights to my own hair, they wanted to have red streaks, so I dyed the bottoms of my hair red.  My multicolor hair brings a smile to my face as it brings up these wonderful memories.

An hour later I lost more hair than I had wanted, but it was thinned out and much healthier feeling.  The stylist completed the tasks that I had asked, and I now had the hair cut that I wanted.  I had to fight the temptation to ask if I could dry and style it myself, as I never like the way someone does my hair.  Not sure why, but it has been this way for years now.  I forced myself to enjoy the pampering.  To pay attention to the heat of the hairdryer on my hair, the feeling of the brush working through my hair, and the weird sound that the hair straightener was making as it was pulled through my now, much shorter hair.

And today, I walked into work, with my head high, showing off a new hair cut while wearing a new dress that complements my newly fuller figure and a smile on my face.  I feel pretty, and boy that makes today, a wonderful day.

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