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My $8.99 Experiment Fail


It was time.  I was frustrated.  I had had enough.  It was time to do something about it.  It was time to take control into my own hands.  It was time to dye my hair.


I have dyed my hair a few times myself and was never happy with how it turned out.  I usually resort to going to the salon when I get the impulse to make a change to my locks, but this go around, I weighed the difference between $8.99 and $80 and I threw caution to the wind and went with the $8.99 solution.

I was tired of having multi colored hair (the result of me adding bleach on top of Copper Red dyed hair and then putting brown on top of that, kind of like a banana split sundae on my head) and I wanted to get back to rich chocolatey luscious waves.  So, I went to the store and picked out the box that had the color that was closest to what I had envisioned.  I did pick up a box of black hair dye, asked my daughter, what do you think, should I go with black, and when I just got a stare, I put the box back on the shelf.  I picked up a box of John Freida and it was brown, I know it was brown, and put it in my basket and we headed on our way.

As soon as I arrived home, I started the dying process.  I read the directions over, twice and started on my merry way.  The dye was the foam type and yes, I dropped a fluff of it on the carpet so now there are two marks on the bathroom carpet where I have dropped hair dye.  But, no cats were accidentally or purposely dyed in the making of this hair disaster.

I read the directions for the time to leave the dye processing and the total time was 30 minutes.  Off I went to tinker on my phone, cautiously watching the time on my phone as to not let the dye sit too long.  However, the question I have, does the clock start when you start applying on after you finish?

At 30 minutes, I started rinsing and I did see brown water, but it was DARK.  I rinsed until the water was clear and then wrapped my hair in a towel.  I stared in the mirror and then removed the towel.  And holy Jesus my hair was black!!  I know it was still damp and therefore could appear to be darker than it was, so I quickly grabbed my hair dryer and started to dry my hair.  As I dried my bangs (another hair change I made a few weeks ago that I am still am unsure if it was a good idea), they were still, black!

Well, Shit!

I shed no tears.  I consulted the directions and it said, 20 minutes for hair dye, 10 minutes extra for greys, a total of 30 minutes.  Well, hot damn, I don’t have grey, so I processed my hair for 10 minutes too long.  And there was the fact that the dye was on my hair at the front for longer than the back (how you avoid this is beyond me).

What makes matters worse, is the dye is not an “all over cover” … I have brown areas, to the effect of me looking like a cougar or is it a cheetah?  Which ever animal has black and brown spots, especially on their heads, that is me, Michelle the cougar cheetah… le sigh.

I have now researched what you can do to remove hair dye from your hair and I will admit that I am scared.  But my pale white Irish skin is NOT a good companion to this dark as night hair that is taking up residence on my scalp.

Lesson Learned: Go to a salon, pay the extra money and have a professional add permanent dye to your hair.

6 thoughts on “My $8.99 Experiment Fail”

  1. It should calm down in a few days. I always feel like it is the darkest right after. I have anxiety about hair salons due to too many bad experiences and feeling trapped in the chair. I know, I’m not normal. So dying at home is something I do, it’s not as good as a salon, I agree. I also get anxious spending large amounts of money because we have one income. Again, I know, I have issues. I kind of miss the salon.

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    1. I’m hoping so.
      I’m trying to be much better with my money since I had debt due to the years I was manic and went on spending spree after spending spree.
      I read about using dandruff shampoo and Epsom salt baths to help get the color to fade.


      1. That scares me. My advice, not that you asked, give it a week or several washes before you try something. I always get red for a week then it fades. Good luck!

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  2. My friend did exactly the same with red recently! I have never dyed my own hair and seem to be getting more and more terrifed of it the older i get! Wear it tied up for a couple of weeks and it will fade, hers did 😊


    1. So I bought the Oops stuff to reverse the dye job, and I announced it at dinner last night and I was met with a unanimous vote that i need to leave it alone as the color has def now liked by my family. Although it is not my favorite, I will admit it is not horrible, but different, and i know that it will fade. I think that this may be a subtle lesson in patience 🙂

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