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A Mid-Week Check In

Much has happened over the last week or so.  I had a feeling I would be a bit busier as my college semester ended, but I did not expect to be as busy as I have been.  As a result, I have not been writing as much, because how can I write when I am driving here and there and am up to my elbows in frosting and cake batter?


College: Spring Semester Complete

full_logoThe last Friday in April was the last day of class for my Developmental Psychology course.  It was an extremely informative course and I was able to learn quite a bit about people in general and how they grow and change.  It was also a bit challenging as it was drumming up all sorts of feelings about several different issues (infertility, domestic abuse, death) and I spent a bit of time in my personal therapy sessions discussing how the topics that I was learning about were affecting me, my thoughts and emotions.  Earning an A+ in the course was welcomed, but what I gained from the experience of being in the class and how I learned about ways to change my interactions with others was worth more to me than the letter grade.


First Wedding Cake of the Season

31784323_10100763024476669_5520244577044267008_nA tremendous amount of stress was balled up inside of me knowing that the wedding cake order I received was coming up, and quickly.  I received the handmade paper flowers (to say that these things were beautiful, is quite an understatement) from 3D Paper Creations ( ) and did not open the box for two days because I was avoiding the inevitable.  When I get incredibly stressed out I go into freeze mode and I do nothing.  I literally stand still and stare at the wall.  My mind is going a million miles an hour, but I am paralyzed.  Eventually I was able to unfreeze myself and began the process of making the cake for the blushing bride to be.  When the whole cake was assembled, I held back tears because it was more beautiful than I thought it would be and to be honest, I was relieved to be done.


Night Out: The Fratellis Concert

IMG_2303.jpgOn Saturday, my beau and I had a night out and it was spectacular.  Good Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo and then a quick walk around the block to a modern and hip coffee shop for an iced coffee (Jobot Coffee, ) to give us a little pick me up pre-concert.  As 9 PM is our normal bedtime, it was going to be a late night when the main act was not taking the stage until around 930 PM.  Arriving to get good seats, had us at the venue before 7 PM and allowed us plenty of time to sit and chat (and people watching, sooo much fun!)  The opening act was Blood Red Shoes ( and they were rock-tastic!  I definitely plan on downloading their music.  But, alas, they did not hold a candle to The Fratellis (, who made the night a smashing sensation and had me singing and clapping along.


Sunday Funday: The Good Work

good workSunday was a fun day for me.  How so you ask?  College and cakes and concerts, what more is this girl going to do.  Well, this girl right here was lazy, lazy with a capital “L”.  Sleeping in late was the main part of my day, with a little bit of mindfulness meditation thrown in there and then you got it, a nap mid afternoon !!

Following my day of acting like one of my very best feline friends, we had a dinner party as part of an organization called The Good Work (  They are a group (an awesome bad ass group) who define themselves as “a non-judgmental community of faith, supporting everyone in discovering their purpose in life, finding community, and in practicing acts of kindness and compassion in the world.” And I love being a part of their community.  It is such a wonderful way to end my weekend, an amazing dinner with new friends and fellowship and comradery.


Drum Roll Please…. Taylor Swift

IMG_2330.jpgPerhaps the biggest event that happened, occurred last night.  I was able to attend the first stop of Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour ( and words can not begin to describe how amazing the show was.  However, the show itself was not the rock star worthy experience.  How so?  It’s how I was able to go to the event that may have transformed my life.

My son’s school was giving away tickets to the Taylor Swift Show.  His friend won the tickets and after my son commented that I really wanted to go to the show, his friend gave him the tickets for me.  A mid-day text came across my phone letting me know he acquired tickets and I was beside myself.  What an amazing gift!  What a thoughtful child!  Always thinking of others and what they desire.

I attended the show with my mother in law and we had a blast.  We both were singing along and clapping to the beat (I was a little off beat, but that’s another story).  The show was amazing, and it was a phenomenal time.  Sitting in my seat looking at the huge smile on my mother in law’s face, I thought about how thoughtful my son was and what a giving spirit he holds in his heart.  I felt immensely loved and truly blessed.


Thinking on Things

I, at times, get caught up with the whoas of my life and how some days are quite challenging due to some of the issues that I have.  But, when I zoom out, and change my perspective so I can see the whole picture, I am able to see that my life is grand.  Having a mental illness can be a challenge, and it side lines me some days, and gives me some what of a handicap on other days, but in the grand scheme of things, my life is somewhat better off as result of the illnesses.  Today I find myself feeling incredibly blessed for the life that I have, some what chaotic, often stressful, but filled with love and laughter and happiness.

8 thoughts on “A Mid-Week Check In”

    1. Thank you! I did a few other things… took a cupcake class on Monday and learned new techniques and made another cake the last weekend in April (paw patrol cake) … I am overdue for a nap… hopefully doing my evening meditation tonight will recharge me for our birthday celebration today for my son’s 16th birthday!


      1. Wow you have been busy! Have a wonderful day of celebrations! My step son was 18 in Feb and we had a great day,they may be older but they still love cake and balloons,oh and some baby photos 😂


      2. Yes exactly! I sang to him this morning and am hoping to be able to get balloons, but not sure if I will be able to pull that off. We will have several days of celebrating, so that is something I am looking forward to.

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I am really happy with the way it turned out… my mom made the paper flowers and I loved that I was able to collaborate with her and much a truly unique designed cake

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  1. Wow, what a WEEK! You did a great job balancing everything. Think back when you couldn’t get through an hour, a day let alone the kind of wonderful week you just described. You have come SO far and I am proud of how you persevered and have used your experiences to help encourage others!! Thanks for the shout out and the link. It is a honor to collaborate with you!
    Love Mayam!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and the affirmations. You are so right. There was a point when I struggled to get through a day or even an hour and look at me now. Thank you for you support and love.


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