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The Little Things

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Today, it is weighing heavy on my mind how the little things in life make such a grand difference.  So, I figured that is what I would write about today, the little things.

A little less zombieness

The recent increase in medication and subsequent side effects that have accompanied the increase have started to subside.  I feel like I have transformed from a zombie back to a primarily normal human being.  The medication is starting to kick in and the mania is on a train that is leaving the building.

Father’s Day

Sunday, we celebrated the most amazing man I have ever met in my life.  It was a day to honor fathers for all that the have done and continue to do.  A movie with the whole family and then a cookout at our house.  It was simple, yet perfect, fun, and tasty.

This Morning’s Breakfast

In the morning, with my morning cups of coffee, I thoroughly enjoy a nice, yummy, toasted gluten free blueberry muffin with a dollop of butter on it.  This is my bliss in the morning.  The thing that makes me smile.  Something that I look forward to, every day.  And when I consider a diet, the only diet that I can commit to, must allow blueberry muffins!

Lunch with Beau

What a better way to start the week than with lunch with your main squeeze, the icing to your cupcake, the cheese to your macaroni?  It was (and still is) the highlight to my day.  I know I saw him this morning, but my oh my it makes my heart happy to see his glorious shining face and enjoy a meal with him during the work day.

A Day of Solitude

Today I worked alone in the office.  And you know what that means, yup you got it, singing, out loud mind you, to my favorite tuneage.  Today’s selection was a mix of Kasey Musgraves’ last three albums.  Not only was I productive today, but I was having fun.

The Dr. is In

I’ve been having problems with my body accepting a hormone replacement pellet that was inserted around a month ago.  I swear that this little spawn of Satan is trying to claw its way out of my skin.  But, I did a ring a ling and the doctor office’s receptionist was able to squeeze me in this afternoon.  So hopefully, by the end of this afternoon, the pellet will be removed and the literal pain in my ass will have gone away.


Now that I am in a such better place, far more stable than in previous weeks, I can see things more clearly.  Like the song says, “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.”  When I can focus on the positives, as small as they may be, it makes my day better, which makes me feel all the more better as well.  Which in turn makes the whole wide world better (A stretch I know, but that’s how I am feeling today).

What are your positives for the day?

What made your day just a little bit more sunshine filled?

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