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Happy Anniversary to Us!

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In April 2009, while traveling on a business trip and looking for an apartment for my June relocation, I was in the conference room of our Southwest Office that sat adjacent to the break room.  A tall, thin, dark haired man stepped into the conference room and started a conversation with me.  He was preparing for lunch, heating up his entrée in the microwave in the break room.  I can’t recall what we talked about, but I do know that there was something about him that left me intrigued.

When I returned to my office several days later, we started a conversation through email that was spurred by my sending out the updated company directory.  This guy had quite a sense of humor and I was further in need of finding out more about him.  I had a friend of mine, who was friends with him on social media, do some snooping for me.  With the investigation under way, the excitement related to my move increased, as my conversations with this man made me want to know more about him after every interaction.

When I finally arrived in the Southwest Office after driving across country in June 2009, I was beyond excited to start my new life.  Relocating allowed me to keep the job that I loved and gave me a fresh start after an abusive marriage had come to an end.  There was nothing but a bright sun on my horizon and I had a zest for living.

At a friend’s gathering on July 4th, I was informed by another co-worker that Mr. Personality wanted to ask me out on a date.  Oh my goodness was I excited.  I so wanted to this to happen but was trying to just keep to myself.  When he asked me out, I said yes, and then I did the snoopy happy dance in my apartment.  Our first date was scheduled for the 7th.  Just a few days away, enough time for me to totally stress out over the upcoming meeting and try on all my clothes and practice doing my hair and all those crazy things that girls do when they are preparing for a first date.

He picked me up at my apartment the night of our date.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and I babbled and babbled and babbled.  I explained that I was crazy and did everything that I could think of that would make it as clear as possible that I had some issues.  I guess it was my way of trying to push him away, but now in hindsight it was probably me trying to protect myself from getting hurt again.  Much to my surprise, he asked me out for coffee following dinner and I was like, “OMG I passed the test, round two!”

We went to a local coffee shop and sat outside and talked about Christmas.  As it was getting late in the evening the outside sprinklers came on and we had to abandon our post and call it an end to our first date.  It was glorious, that night.  One of the best nights I have ever had.

It’s been nine years and boy have we been through a lot.  Numerous surgeries for endometriosis, one elbow surgery, minor mental breakdowns here and there and then the big mental breakdown of 2016 with the subsequent diagnosis of Bi Polar Disorder.  He has never left my side, never withdrew his love, and has been beside me through everything being my rock, my Superman, my partner, my world.  I can’t imagine not having him in my life.

And today, July 7, 2018 we celebrate 9 years since our first date.  I am thankful for that first date, and every day that I have had since that day in our history.  He allowed me to be in his life and the life of his children.  Today, I am feeling full of love and gratitude.  Happy anniversary to us!  And to us, many more adventures to have and memories to be made.

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