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A Babble from the Past: Oct 2010


A few months ago I retrieved my mail to find a large manila colored envelope.  And it was addressed to me.  I recognized the handwriting on the envelope, it was that of my mother’s.  Her penmanship neat, but realistic and easily legible.  Curious, I opened the envelope as I was walking back from the mailbox, nearly dropping other pieces of mail as I was excitingly ripping open the outside of the package.  What could be inside, what did she send me?  It was like a child at Christmas, the anticipation, the excitement, the wonder…  Once I finally got the envelope opened I found a note “Thought you might like these, Love you Mayam…”

Opening the envelope I found a stack of papers and as I took them out I realized they were babbles that I had written years ago.  They dated back to 2009, as I started sending out letters to my friends and family after moving across the country.  And that Mama of mine, kept them, waiting for the right time to send them to me, and that time is now.

I am sitting here reading through what I wrote and I am cracking myself up.  And I wanted to share some of what I wrote back in the day with you today.


Bella’s Babbles October 2010

Goals for the Remainder of the Year:

I plan on bringing overalls back.

In the land of Maseratis and oversized white SUVs driven by soccer mommies in their skinny jeans and high heels, I feel that the comfort and practicality of overalls is going unknown.  It is my goal to single handedly bring back what the 90’s introduced us to, baggy overalls that allow you to feel the cool air breeze through the loose fitting cotton linen, the freedom to not be confined by a waist band and pockets, pockets everywhere, need I say more?  So what do you say, will you help me with this overly beneficial movement?  If we all band together, we can bring overalls back.  Women will be happier as “fat” days will no longer exist and with that all men will be happier, children will skip down the streets with big Popsicle grins, politicians will lie a little less.  People will be happier and perhaps break out in song and dance in the middle of a crowded street.  This accomplishment will be one day part of my True Hollywood story.


If I ever get to meet Jesus, I would make the following requests:

I would like to chat with Jesus about unwanted hair growth on women.  Long have gone the days of cavemen finding a nice female leg that compares to that of a wholly mammoth attractive.  The time and money that we women spend on removing unwanted body hair is getting quite ridiculous.  I would single handily be able to donate to those poo “please save the sad and cute polar bears” organizations and the children in Ethiopia if I did not have to buy razors and shaving cream.  What I don’t understand if is giraffes grew their long necks to accommodate the decrease in available food on the lower branches of trees, then why have humans not gotten with the times and stopped growing ahir on their legs, underarms and bikini lines?  I mean I know that giraffes serve some kind of purpose on earth (although I could not give you a specific example other than being an illustration in one of my babbles), humans totally are far more important.  I mean where would the world be if it were not for humans.  All I am asking is that Jesus help a girl out.

Okay, well that it is for now, short I know, I do have more to say, always have more words to use, but I must get to work, there are espresso machines spewing coffee everywhere and not steaming milk for certain babblers chai lattes, coffee grinders throwing beans at unsuspecting patrons and brewers refusing to brew coffee because she feels fat.

Until next time, vanilla cupcakes with espresso flavored icing and caramel sauce swirls… ~Bella

4 thoughts on “A Babble from the Past: Oct 2010”

  1. I’m so very happy that you shared a “blast from the past”. Ypur musings made me laugh and cry (at the tribute) in true Babble form! I have lots to ask Jesus too- like how long was his mama in labor and how much did Sweet Baby Jesus actually weigh at birth? Love you my dear Lil Roo! Keep being YOUnique!
    Mayam (aka dubbed Mayhem by my main grand-man, lol!)

    Liked by 1 person

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