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I’ve got a feeling…

woman wearing maroon velvet plunge neck long sleeved dress while carrying several paper bags photography
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

I get this craving, deep down inside of me sometimes.  It is this yearning and drive.  It allows me to accomplish some pretty great feats. Some of my greater skills come to the surface and I can amaze people with what I am capable of.

So, what am I talking about?  I am talking about shopping.  Oh glorious shopping.  The trips that sing to my heart.  The thing that makes me smile.  The art that I have refined after many years of practice.  The savings that I manage to accrue.  The ability to find something that is perfectly me and fits just so within the budget.  Yes, this is what my heart is yearning for at this point and time.

I have a coupon and that right there is money in my hand.  30% off, a hell of a good coupon to be precise.  I could head to the clearance section and go through each rack, one hanger at a time.  So routine and strategic.  Looking for items that fall under the $15 price ticket (I just pick numbers that I need to fall under to make a game of the whole process).

I have my whole closet memorized.  I know each and every dress and skirt that I own and what shirts either do or do not go with them.  Part of the fun is looking for items that coordinate with what I already have so I can make more outfits.  Knowing what I am missing and what would fill the void.

And when you have a partner in crime, that friend that is just as excited or even more excited than you are to go shopping, oh man is this a glorious feeling.  Seeking out coupons together, checking out the sales, making a map of where you are going to go first, then second, then third.  Carpooling to save gas (and the environment, of course), it is just the most fabulous Friday ever.

And all I can think of right now is that there is a Target and a Kohls on my way home from work, and I have coupons for each place, and I have a date with my closet tonight, and frankly, I would like a new shirt.

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