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Good Day vs. Bad Day


Over the last few weeks, I was thinking about good days.  What are they?  How do we define them?  What do they look like?

Is a good day all sunshine and rainbows with dancing and prancing unicorns, or can a good day be getting out of bed before noon?

Does accomplishing tasks make a day a good day?  Do they have to be items checked off a list or does taking a shower and remembering to take your medication at the needed time count?

And after much pondering, I feel that the answer is yes.

I also think that making it to work, participating in a meeting and getting items off an extensive to-do list also constitutes a good day, but just because it is different than the previous day mentioned (getting out of bed, showering, etc.…) doesn’t mean the other day was a bad day.  Both are good days.

I am under the impression that all days can be good days, but we may need to adjust our mindset and definition of what a good day is.  And in the same way, also change our impression of what makes up a bad day.

In no way am I saying there aren’t bad days, because I do think that there are, but I think that in every day there are sprinkles of good and should we focus our attention on the good, our perspective changes and our day could be perceived as better than had I focused on the negatives that occurred.

A quote I found this morning that spoke to me was “Focus on what could go right!”  As often, we fear and worry over what could go wrong.  By changing, or even just tweaking our mindset, we hold the power to completely transform our day, as searching for the good preoccupies the brain and one cannot focus on negative while on a mission to find positives.

Regardless of what happens to me today, it will be a good day.  I will find positive events that I will meditate on and use that as the basis for my mindset.
A challenge to you is to do the same.  What if you focused on what could go right instead of fearing over what could go wrong?  What if you used your time and energy to provide yourself with accolades for all that you are doing well instead of beating yourself up for a few things you did wrong.  Searching out the positive could very well transform your day today, and tomorrow and the day after that and make the remaining days of this work week phenomenal.  What do you say?  Are you up for the challenge?

2 thoughts on “Good Day vs. Bad Day”

    1. I truly believe that when focusing on the positive we are unable to dwell on the negative and that is what helps change the status of our well being and where we are mentally.
      Thank you much for reading!


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