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Friday Babbles


What does one write about when you want to write but you have a block in your head and are not sure what to say?  I think this is where the whole babbling thing comes into play.  In those times when you have things to say but they are here and there and don’t necessarily match up to create a complete thought… so I will just start writing and see what comes.

It’s Friday and I am thrilled that another week has come and gone.  In one moment, I sit and think, wow, did I accomplish all that I wanted to accomplish this week?  Was it a productive week or a waste of a week?  But then I identify that that last statement included negativity and I just don’t like it, the waste of a week thought.  Of course it was not a wasted week, it was a week of promotion and progression.

Back to School

My children started back to school and had successes and positives in each one of their days this week.  They were safe in their travels via the school provided transportation and remained safe while on campus.  I was able to spend time with them each afternoon and hear about their school days, while sharing about my day as well.  At dinner each night this week we shared at least one positive that took place during that day, and it was simply wonderful to be surrounded by such a wonderful positive atmosphere while enjoying our evening meal together.


While nearly avoiding a multiple car pileup on the freeway mid-week, I wound up getting quite shaken up.  My worst car anxiety includes me getting into a car accident one where I would end up being injured.  As I was slamming on my brakes of my new SUV, those fears seemed quite real in my mind.  Alas, all vehicles did come to a stop and avoided any collision.  I was shaking like a scared little Chihuahua and I went right into what I learned in my mindfulness class, focus on the breath.  While slowly starting to drive I kept telling myself to focus on my breath and I was able to get the shakes down to a tremor within a few minutes.  Within the next 5 minutes I was at my office and able to walk without weakened knees and as I continued to focus on my breath, I continued to calm my body down.  In the past I would have needed to take an anxiety pill to get to a place of calm and oh how I was (and still am) tickled pink that I was able to process the event, face fears, and get myself calm within mere minutes of the incident without needing to take an additional medication.

Doctor Appointments

I saw both of my doctors this week, psychiatrist and psychologist.  I received positive affirmations in each session.  I also received accolades for my progression and the ability to maintain stability of mood while managing my multiple health conditions and the medications that are prescribed for each condition.  So, I am feeling quite accomplished.  Having two appointments back to back on the same day was wearing, but I powered through and then later that afternoon completed a lengthy meditation/mindfulness session to get myself back to center.


It was a success of a week.  One that is leading into what is scheduled to be a balanced and relaxing weekend.  I am feeling quite blessed for what I have in my life and the progress that I have made over the last days, weeks, months and years.  Often, we get overwhelmed with all that is happening in our life and we are unable to look at the whole picture, or as they say not being able to see the trees within the forest.  I was in that place in the past and I am happy to report that currently, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it motivates me to continue on my path and continue the process of healing.

May your day be blessed and filled with sunshine and happiness.

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