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The Crafting Duo

IMG_3294I spent most of the weekend buried in fabric and thread.  But most importantly, I had my daughter by my side.

Friday evening, we unburied the sewing machine from hibernation. It is an heirloom piece, a gift that was given to me by my mother-in-law when she received an upgrade a few years ago.  A gift filled with love, one that I have not been ready to use as of yet, but this weekend, well everything changed.

We set the plan in effect that Saturday the boys would run errands and the girls would too.  Our errands included going to the craft store and supermarket to buy the supplies that we needed to make hot/cold rice packs.  Something simple, but useful.

IMG_3287Regardless of all the expansive, amazingness that overwhelmingly surrounded us, we found some fabric pieces from the clearance section that matched our visions. While we were matching up our fabric to the thread selections, we ran into someone we knew.  It was Nana (my mother in law).  What a wonderful surprise!  We chatted with her for a bit but kept our bag close to our sides as we were making her a surprise and we did not want to spoil it. Nana, much like my mom, is an amazing seamstress.  The work that both create is incredibly detailed and professional.  To sew like they do is a goal of mine.

Upon arriving home, we went right to the machine.  And after an agonizing 45 minutes, I finally had the machine set up and threaded properly.  Against the suggestion of Nana, we did not wash the yellow fabric.  We were too excited to get started on our project.  We cut the fabric and started sewing.  Before we knew it, there were three rice bags, created, assembled and stacked.  Of course we tried them out.  Our necks were a little sore from leaning over the machine, so the warmth of the pack on our neck provided us with much needed relief.  I stared at what we created, and I was on cloud nine!

Much of this weekend, I spent time thinking about my mother.  Remembering the time I spent helping her make Princess Hats and various other items some 20 years ago.  I recalled how special that time was for me.  How I loved the quality time that I was able to spend with my mom, how I enjoyed creating something 3D out of a flat piece of fabric.  I was incredibly overwhelmed with nostalgia as I sat and stared at my daughter.  For a child that had never used a sewing machine before, she sewed with such fluidity and grace.

IMG_3288Before I knew it, there were eighteen (18) rice bags created.  While taking a break from sewing, we started to talk about a name for our business.  We tossed around a few ideas.  Tried to combine our names, then our initials, and nothing was quite right.  Finally, we came up with the Crafting Duo, and yes, that felt right.  We were a duo and we were crafting, so the name was just perfect.  My daughter drew up a business card, and I was thinking about how we could use the design to make thank you cards and care instructions for the projects that we create and sell.

Today, I am left with an incredibly full heart.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time that was spent over the weekend crafting and creating.  I loved that we did it together all the while singing along to Taylor Swift.  It was hard to send her off to school and for me to head to work, as there are more rice bags and memories to make, but alas, there will be time another day.

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