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Modifying Routine to Establish Balance

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Boy, I am tired.  Writing today is quite the struggle this afternoon.  All I can think about right now is taking a nap.  Do you think that if I curl up under my desk the office will notice that I am missing?  I think that when I start to snore, that will be a dead giveaway that I have decided that I would act like a toddler and sneak away to try and get some Zzzz’s.  The afternoon slump is the after effects of celebrating our anniversary last night.  It was the “our anniversary was 1.5 months ago, but the concert is tonight” celebration.  Many, many months ago we purchased tickets to see a favorite musician of ours, Jack Johnson and that was our anniversary present to each other.  Jack Johnson is the artist that sings “our song”, Banana Pancakes.  It’s a silly song, but one that is endearing to our hearts and after hearing it many years ago, we decided that it would be the song that we took to be ours.

There are times when you have a simply, wonderous evening.  In that given moment all pieces have fallen into their perspective places and there is peace within you.  This describes our night last night, at least for me.  I was with the man that I am head over heals in love with, listening to an artist that I love, under the blanket of stars with thousands of strangers.  How could the night be any more perfect?

The downside to attending the concert was getting home late into the evening, with a bedtime at midnight.  This would not have been that big of a deal had it been a weekend night, and we could sleep in the next day, but it was a Tuesday, a school night as we like to call it, and the schedule for the following day included a full work day, not a day of rest.  So, today, I woke even more tired than usual, while only able to obtain ¾ of the number of hours of sleep that I usually secure each night.

Part of my day included my weekly appointment with my therapist.  I spoke with my therapist today about what my psychiatrist had suggested the week prior, routine.  The psychiatrist mentioned that it would be beneficial for me to work on fine tuning my routine.  The more routine I have the more balanced my life.  And the more balanced, the more stable.  Going out on a school night is not the best of things that I could have done, but it was such a great night, and I am so happy that I went.  I will work the rest of the week to modify my schedule so it is more consistent.  Although this is a struggle for me, I know that the routine is quite important.

We talked at length about the routine in the morning and a realistic wake up time for me.  I set my alarm for 630 AM but I am not getting out of bed for at least an hour.  Is this a sign that 630 AM is just too early for this here Bella?  If I woke up at 7 or 730 AM would this be better for my body and my brain.  Would I be less tired and better able to get the morning routine under my belt, rather than the sluggish, nearly crawling out of bed that I currently engage in as result of the tiredness that over takes me each morning?  Guess we will just have to wait and see.  Here’s hoping that the change in the routine and schedule proves to be beneficial and my mornings will be less of a hassle.

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