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Sunsets and Burgers


Yesterday I had an ok work day.  But, it was a day that had me frazzled. My sleeping medication caused me to oversleep, resulting in being late to work, again.  I also continued with my frustration over the fact that I yet again misplaced my credit card.  With the shame that I felt due to being late, I was determined that I would be extra productive, you know to make up for my short comings.  I was successful, and was able to get much completed while I was at the office.

But to add icing to the cake of tardiness, I had to leave an hour early for a doctor’s appointment.  For more than a month, I have been seeing both of my doctors once a week.  This has caused me to miss hours of work as well as spend more than a thousand dollars. But, I have been able to get counsel and care while working through some deep seeded issues and the time spent sitting before them has been well spent.

That afternoon, I met with my psychiatrist and we made the decision to reduce my Lithium dose to try (again) to get me out of this rut I am in.  The depression seems to have a hold of me and it’s not wanting to let go.  We are also working to reduce the dosage of my other medications to get me back to a baseline where I can function at the most optimal level.  I will admit that it feels like one victory after another to go to appointments each week and to work to continually reduce my medications.  I feel like I am succeeding.

Following the meeting with my doctor, I was walking with a pep in my step, the Iced tea that I purchased had kicked in and I was experiencing a jolt of energy.  Next on the list was to go for a hike.  I had a social meeting that evening at 715 PM and therefore I had two hours to keep myself busy.  I was a little leery to go on the hike as it is a trail I have only hiked once prior.  But, I was feeling courageous and decided I would go for it.

I arrived at the Lost Dog Trail Wash and headed onto the Sunrise Trail.  It was all up hill and my legs were aching.  The trail was vacant.  As I was listening to my Amazon Prime Music station I was thinking about all I have achieved and the progress that I have made.  On the way back to the trailhead I had the opportunity to watch the sunset.  And let me tell you, that no amount of words or pictures could possibly begin to describe how amazing what I saw.  Vibrant shades of pink, orange, yellow and purples stretched behind the mountains and illuminated the sky.  As I was hiking, in an expedient fashion, I was tripping over rocks as I was staring at the skyline.  It was simply majestic.

Following the hike, I scarfed down a burger and I was on my way to my meeting.  Donned in hiking gear with dirt on my legs I arrived to meet with soon to be friends for a Spiritual Growth group at a local venue.  For the first time in a long time, I did not let my appearance get in the way, and I was just me.  I had a fantastic time talking, sharing, listening and being part of a Social Thread group,

It was a Thursday.  Nothing too fancy.  Filled with ups and downs.  Positives and some disappointments.  Sunsets and Burgers. But it ended with me being with my family, feeling loved and needed and how could I ask for anything more than that?

2 thoughts on “Sunsets and Burgers”

  1. Sound like you found the perfect dose to achieve balance and harmony!
    Proud of you for continuing to seek, for when you seek- you will find!


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