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Cat Tales: A Game of Cat and Mouse

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Today, it is the trivial things that made my morning.

And yes, those little things involve my cats.  I cannot help that my cats are my world, and they bring me such divine happiness and contentment.

Much like every morning, this morning I am laying in bed, groggy, and being well, cat like, not wanting to get up.  This morning there was a chill in the air.  I stuck out my foot and a whoosh of air grazed my foot and chilled it to the core, this prevented me from getting out of bed.  My little ham bone, that would be Hunter, the massive nearly 20-pound, 5 year old feline that is the baby of the family, caught glimpse of his mama being awake and started to serenade me.  It was not beautiful to most ears, but it brought a smile to my face, because I could feel the love that was coming from his small, sharp tooth filled little mouth.

Upon braving the morning air and rising out of my warm, soft, comfort zone, I walked to the bathroom with a lion making figure eights between my calves.  All the while walking, I was being graced with the most harmonious song ever.  I have no clue what he was saying, but I love that he talks to me every morning.  I pee, and he’s loving on my legs.  I go to the sink to wash my hands and he is there instantly on the side of the sink waiting for his turn to have some water (a bad habit that someone started, but that someone will remain anonymous, it’s me if you didn’t know, all my fault, I created monsters).

When I go to leave the bathroom, a race ensues.  And this is another thing that happens nearly every morning.  It’s a race to see who will get to the kitchen first.  I won’t keep you in suspense, I never win.  Something caught my attention when I was leaving the bathroom, probably the overflowing basket of dirty clothes, really need to get that taken care of this weekend, and I stopped the game of follow the leader.  Because I was not nipping at his heels, he ran back into the room, barked something at me in cat and then stood there staring at me until I started again on my way.

Unlike normal, we were not T Boned by “sister” (this would be my eldest cat Charlee Mae, age 10, a mere 12 pounds) as we hit the living room.  This caused me some alarm as per the usual, she runs from the living room into the hallway as we are precisely arriving where the hallway and living room intersect every morning.  So I did what all mothers do, and I called out to her.  “Sister, where art thou” …  “Charlee Mae, mommy is awake, where are you?”  By the time I had poured my coffee and started to wonder if Charlee made it out of the house with her sister, my daughter, I felt the rub of my little baby girl on my legs.  She, being the angel that she is, heard my call and came to me.

While I was sipping my coffee and checking my social media accounts, email and text messages, the cats spoke loud and clear and chased each other throughout the house.  Upon completion of breakfast, the race was on, yet again.  My cats know routine, and I am pretty sure that they like it.  As I start the walk from kitchen to bedroom, the race is on, he runs down the hall, takes the corner, circles back because I am yet again not on his heels as he expected, and he sits down on the ground with an intense amount of attitude.  I am slowing up the game and he is having none of it.  Once I get closer, he runs into the bedroom, turns into the bathroom and up on the sink.  While perched, he sits pretty and starts to sing to me, while looking at me with the cutest face ever.  It is yet again time for the baby to get water from the facet, and Mommy to get water from the shower.

The mornings are hard for me.  I have never been a morning person, but when you take the medications I do, the sedative effect does not wear off in time come morning.  I struggle to get myself in gear, although most recently, it has been a little easier with the depression in remission.  Having my two loved ones with me in the morning brings me such joy and happiness.  The few times that they were not with me, my morning was not complete, and it was basically, lonely and sad.

I am blessed to have animals in my life that make my life more enjoyable.  I consider them to be part of my support network, as they provide me with love in ways that no one human ever could.

Today I am incredibly thankful to have my two little fur babies, they are two of my three positives.  The third positive is coffee.  And I am not sure I need to elaborate more on why coffee is amazing and a gift from God.

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