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Blessed Babbles: What I’m Thankful For

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It is now officially November.  (I had every intention to write this piece yesterday, but the day was filled with hustles, and bustles and the day was over before I was able to sit and get my thoughts down on paper).  And with it being November, as a society I believe that we begin to focus more on what we are thankful for, or how our lives are blessed and what aspects of our lives make us feel grateful.

Last year, on my personal social media pages, I posted about the things that made me thankful, blessed and grateful.  It really transformed my month.  Taking the time to focus on such positive items, helped me to dwell on the positive instead of getting caught up on the negatives that tend to cloud my thinking.  I would like to make a commitment to post daily about these wondrous things again this year, but I know that I won’t be able to due to commitments that I have made.  I am going to state that I am planning to write more about what I am thankful for during this month, but stray away from making a commitment to doing it every day.

Today I am finding myself very grateful for the days where I have a safe commute into work.  Today the freeway was shut down due to a horrific roll over crash (prayers to all those that were involved), so I was forced to take the side streets as part of my commute to the office.  This took over an hour to travel the distance that usually takes me 30 minutes.  As result of the closure, I was a bit late for work, even though I left more than enough time for my normal commute.  On my way in, going down the surface streets, there were several accidents, one that was a T-Bone incident that happened moments before I entered the area.

With the driving that I do, some days around 100 miles, I count myself to be very lucky that at this point I have had all safe travels up until this point.  I am also very blessed to have an industry known vehicle with a high safety rating.  I feel incredibly safe in my SUV and that has helped tremendously to reduce the driving anxiety from which I have suffered for the last handful of years.

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