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It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane … It’s A Robe !?!

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It was Christmas morning and it was the largest present that was wrapped with my name on it.  From the shape and depth I had a feeling that it was some sort of clothes beneath the wrapping paper.  As I opened the package, what did my eyes see but a dark blue thing.  At first I was not sure what it was.. I was puzzled.

As I unwrapped this mysterious package, I looked at the label and saw that it stated that it was indeed a robe.  Nice!  This would be nice for the few months that we have when it is cold.  A thoughtful gift I thought.  But then I opened the clear zippered package and I touched the fabric.  It was like the most soft, smooth, butter like, fabric my hands have ever touched.  My jaw dropped and I smiled simultaneously.  My thoughts about this gift changed.  They went from “ what a nice gift” to “what the hell, this is the best gift ever, how did Santa know, I was certain I was on the naughty list, I apparently was on the nice list and did not know it!”

For many, many years I have had a sensitivity to the way that clothing and towels, blankets and the like felt against my skin.  The softer the better.  If I am upset, something that is soft is like a soothing sensation to my troubled soul.  It instantly calms me down.

Much of the day, Christmas day, was a blur due to being sick.  I can’t recall if I actually put the robe on prior to leaving for my in-laws, because if I had, I don’t think I would have left the house without it being on my body.  Following our family celebration at my mother in laws home, we came home for a few hours before our next activity and it was at this point that I know I put on the robe and hot damn my life was TRANSFORMED!  The soft fabric engulfing my entire body from the base of my skull down to my ankles and wrapping around me.  I think that I would have been in heaven wearing this little bit of Jesus’ love had I not been sick, but since I was sick, it was all the more amazing.  There is nothing, nothing I tell you, better than when you feel like death warmed over, then to be snuggled in a super soft, just thick enough, super soft robe that snuggles you back.

Now that I am back to work from vacation/sick leave, I have had to leave my robe at home and let me tell you something, this has been hard.  Not only is it hard because I am not completely 100% well, but because I know I have this amazing, gift from Moses sitting at home being unused, or is it being used by my cats in my absence (!?!) and I am having to wear normal, business casual wear while I am blowing my nose sitting at my desk in a cold office.  What would make this better you ask?  Yes, you know the answer, my robe!

I was thinking that I should probably wash my robe, since I was sick and all, but I am not sure how that is going to happen.  As soon as I get home, I get into my snuggle gear, which now includes said robe, and I start my evening routine, which now includes me wearing my robe all about the house.  I feel slightly bad for basically living in my robe, but then again, no not so much.  And for it to be washed, I would need to allow it to be out of my presence for an hour or so and oh how bow wow would I survive?

It has been suggested, and when I say suggested, that means I have been told to do it by my doctors and my family members, to start exercising.  So yesterday, in the bitter cold, I took a walk, down to the end of the street, in my slippers and my robe.  I did not care what my neighbors thought, I was more worried if my spouse turned the corner in his car and saw me, because I am certain I was a sight to see (by the by, my robe and slippers do match!)

This robe has made my life better, it has brought a smile to my face, and I needed that, deseperatley.

If you are interested, and please know I do not plug very many products, but I feel comfortable enough to stand behind this product and provide the link for purchase ( )

If you need me, I will be all snuggled in my robe, beneath my new anxiety blanket, oh yeah that’s a blog post in the making as well.  Much peace to you and yours, and blessings of soft robes and soft robes to you.

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