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New Patient Intake Forms

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I never find joy in filling out new patient in take forms.  I always seem to find that there is not enough room for, well, anything.  Perhaps it is because I write too large, but there is not enough room for my full name, or my complete street address, city and state.  I start writing in my normal size font and then the word start getting smaller and more bunched up and end up flowing over the printed words and it ends up looking a mess.

But the area that always makes me chuckle, like Santa and his big bowl full of jelly, is that area that asks you to list your medication(s).  Most forms give you like 4-6 lines and I just laugh.  In my head I am like “are you serious? Four to six lines, is that just for the morning doses?”  I am aware that most of the forms are generic and they probably accommodate most people’s needs because most people are not on as many medications as I am on, but alas, the art of filling out these forms is just far too much of a joke to me.

The other part of the form, that again, makes me grimace, is the section that asks about surgeries and wants details.  And I am all like, both, you provide me one line, and you want all my surgeries AND details and I get A line?  You must be joking?!?

At this point, I should have a document typed and double spaced, with headers that details out all my health information, but I don’t.  That would just be too fancy.  And with how often we change my medications, at least once a month, if not more, the document would ever be changing.  But it would make filing out these documents oh the more of ease.  I could just write on the one line that I am given “see attached” and staple the nice printed copy of my life history to the intake form.

Today’s intake form is for physical therapy for my neck.  For the last number of months, I have forgotten how many have passed, I have had this pain and popping in my left neck/shoulder area, and finally saw my doctor about it.  I was informed that “yup, your neck is not supposed to do that, let’s do physical therapy.”  So, here we go.  I am no stranger to physical therapy, I have gone for my back and my arm, for fibromyalgia etc.… and I have hated every moment of it.  I am good for a few sessions, but then I just get annoyed.  I am hoping that this go around, since I am in this new and different place in my life, that I will be a much better, less of a know it all patient, and really take in what I am being taught, do what I am being asked to do and not self-sabotage.

Here’s to taking a step to making this pain in my neck dissipate and for all over body healing and wellness to soak deep into my bones.  For having a willing spirit and open ears and a welcoming heart.

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