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Bella Babbling: Friday Edition


Things that are crossing through my mind today…

PT in a Dress

Yesterday, due to traffic, I was not able to jet home and change into my work out clothes prior to arriving at physical therapy.  As result, this girl, was doing my exercises, and we stepped it up this visit, in a dress…. Talk about feeling like a weirdo!  I was going between feeling like a clown and thinking “girl, you are totally rocking these pull-down exercises IN A DRESS, oh hellz yeahz!”

Neck Pain

Due to the increase in physical activity in physical therapy last night, my neck is killing me smalls today and I conveniently forgot to take a Motrin this morning, so I am sitting at my desk, with my less than ideal posture, reminding myself to drop my shoulders, and sit up straighter, and wishing I could be home, or at minimum have access to some ibuprofen at my fingertips.  But alas, I have a pretty endless supply of coffee and water, so that will need to be my safe haven today.

Dry Shampoo

The other thing that is on my mind, well, it’s dry shampoo.  It’s like an air high five from God in a can for your hair, for five dollars.  Who ever thought, let me put baby powder in an aerosol can and tell people to spray it on their scalps was the most amazing and talented person like ever and they deserve a star on the walk of fame.  I also love that it is socially acceptable for me to openly admit that I did not wash my hair, for like a few days and people don’t walk away from me as if I were a smelly hobo.

Tracking Numbers

I was incapable of not taking advantage of the 60% off clearance items that Charming Charlie’s was offering, and I made a small purchase.  I received the email confirming my purchase of a velour jumpsuit and a strappy pair of red shoes.  I then received an email several days later stating that the box shipped.  Within a day or so of that I received an email with the coveted tracking number of my package.  However, when I went to click on the link for the tracking it came back with an error and said, “invalid tracking number”.  My heart sank.  Does this mean that my box did not ship, my card was charged, but did they really ship my box?  Oh heaven’s bee, what is going on.  I told myself to hold my horses and think a little old school, like early 2000’s back when we ordered things from a catalogue and there was not tracking numbers where we could follow every move our little package made.  I changed my outlook and told myself to allow there to be an element of surprise as to when I will receive my package.  Now, I check the mailbox daily to see if it was delivered and spring open the front door to see if there is a shoebox shaped box with my name on it.  No need to have a meltdown, yet, just time to rock it a little old school, take a deep breath or two, and in a week if there’s no package, I will call customer service and scream because what’s a girl to do when her impulse shopping items have yet to arrive?


Those are the babbles that I have for the moment… it is probably in my best interest to get to my towering piles of paper that have turned my desk into a paper fort, and may end up in a workers comp incident report.  Happy Friday!~

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