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Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 2/1/2019


Weighted Blanket

I purchased a weighted blanket a month ago and hot damn I have never had such amazing sleep.  Not only am I sleeping better, but apparently, my baby kitty (a 6 year old, 20 pound orange and white tabby) is sleeping better too.  He has chosen to snuggle up next to me EVERY night and serenades me to sleep with his snoring.  Needless to say I have been getting the best night’s sleep that I have ever gotten without the use of sleep aids and this makes me not only happy, but gleeful.

Cleaning Cards

I have yet to make the cleaning index cards that I wrote about the other day.  I think I maybe procrastinating, perhaps just a little since cleaning is not my most favorite past time. Every night, after coming home from work and prior to making dinner, I have been spending time with the kids and we have been crafting.  The crafting has been my attempt at increasing my self-care and spending more energy doing things that bring me joy.

I did speak with my family about the chore task cards and half the family is on board with the task cards and the other half asked to incorporate Popsicle sticks that had one chore on each stick.  They would like to have the opportunity to draw a stick each day and add that to their standing repertoire of chores rather then getting a lump sum of chores off a card.  This is a great idea so we will incorporate both.  And, of course, I have not started this either, but plan to work on it this coming weekend.

Tackling the Hoard

I started going through my hoard of clothes this week and was successful with the help of a friend who motivated me by also going through her abundance of clothes.  Next on the list is working on the household decorative items that have been sitting in a box since I moved nearly five years ago.  I have two to three boxes of collage frames and unfortunately we do not have any wall space left.  I plan to remove my pictures from the boxed frames and add them to a photo book for safe keeping.  I then will donate the empty frames to those in need or a local thrift store.

Following the frames will be my books.  I went through a phase where I read nothing but thrillers.  This did a number for my depression and anxiety and now I am working on my overall wellness and I feel that it will be best for me to get rid of these books.  I plan to take them to the local bookstore to see if they will buy them back, if not I plan to donate them, hopefully to an agency that can use them to help those that are in need.


It’s been another week, and it feels like it was long, lessons were learned and trials were had.  I am excited to have my family home this weekend and plans that are made to spend time with my family as well as friends.

I hope that you find joy and happiness in the days the complete this week.

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