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Bella’ s Babbles : Friday Edition 2/8/2019


Well, made it to Friday, again!  Can I get a woot!  Woot?  It’s been a long week and I am relieved to have the weekend slowly approaching.  I am not relieved that it is slowly approaching but just relieved that it IS approaching.

In this week’s babble post I have a few things that I am going to chat about including fears, happy thoughts jars, and updates on decluttering.


It has come to my attention that I live in quite a bit of fear.  Its all quite irrational and it’s all really annoying.  The living in fear has decreased thanks to the anti- depressant/anxiety medication that I am taking but there’s the uncanny fear that’s still lingering.  The fear that someone will rob a store when I am shopping, that a car will plow into me while driving, and my kids won’t make it home safe from the bus stop.  These are the things that plague my brain and torture my thoughts.  I am using the skills that I have been taught through the CBT therapy  (cognitive behavioral therapy) to combat this type of thinking, and I do get some relief, but it is quite present and it is also quiet annoying.  I wish for it to go away and never come back.

Happy Thoughts Jars

On a polar opposite note, I am beyond excited to be co-teaching a class with a friend where we will be making happy thoughts jars for tots and their parents.  It will take place next Thursday morning on Valentine’s day.  We have affirmations printed on circle shaped stickers for the little ones to affix to bright colored paper and plastic jars for them to drop their positive thoughts into.  I love teaching and get tickled when I can share something so wonderful with other moms and especially their little tykes.  Giving back brings such joy and happiness to my heart, so I am giddy with excitement for this event to take place.


Last weekend was spot on!  We took two SUV trunk loads of household items for donations to the local Goodwill.  I managed to only have a few anxiety attacks during the process and was able to talk myself down and worked through the uncomfortableness with deep breathing and the help of my family.  They affirmed me and my choices to declutter and congratulated me on the hard work that I was putting into the effort.  It felt amazing to look at the parts of the house where I had focused my effort and see clear surfaces.  This made me smile and made me feel a sense of relief.

I also found cleaning cards online (what would we do without Pinterest) and printed those out.  I plan to either affix them to actual index cards or laminate them for durability.  This will be done this weekend as I have more downtime than I have for the last number of weekends.

We have made it through another week.  Did anything positive stand out to you that you want to focus a little bit more attention to?  Anything in particular that happened that you would like to have repeat next week?

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