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Feeling Fancy: Dress for Success

woman holding green and red leather handbag
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One way I work to combat depression is I work to dress a little fancy.

When I dress a little fancy, I feel like I have my own little personal sunshine shining directly over my head, instead of individual sized rain cloud.  I tend to walk with a little pep in my step, I have a smile on my face and I walk a little straighter with my shoulders back and my head back.

I am not required to wear business casual clothes for work, I think the only real requirement is to have closed toed shoes because there is a warehouse at one of our offices.  So, I don’t have to wear a dress, or even a nice blouse, I could wear jeans and t-shirt with sneakers should I choose, but I do no such thing.

I take joy in looking in my closet and picking out a “What Not to Wear” approved outfit, one that fits just right, accentuates my figure, flatters my complexion and has at least one pop of color (usually with a piece of jewelry).

This is how I work to combat my depression.  I find when I put the extra time and energy into my appearance, I feel better, just overall.  And when I feel better overall, I function better, I am more alert, more focused and more productive.

Let’s get real for a moment, I am not dressed to the nine everyday, but I’d say 3 to 4 days during the work week I am in a dress and of course a pair of boots (the most amazing pair of foot wear ever to be created) and then during the weekend it’s jeans, a blouse and probably leggings and a t-shirt.

In this process of dressing to impress, I am dressing to impress me, and I am learning to better appreciate my body, it’s new shape and be more secure in who I am.

I think many people have their niche of what they do to help them feel their best.  What is your go to?  What do you do to help you bring your own personal sunshine out?

5 thoughts on “Feeling Fancy: Dress for Success”

    1. absolutely!!! my everything feels better even if i don’t feel good, i feel just a tid bit better if i am dressed a little bit nicer.
      I started wearing dangly earrings and they make me feel fancy. They can add some jazz to a tshirt and jeans and these days you can get them on sale and not break the bank, so they fit with my budget. I just love it!

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