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Online Shopping and In store Pick Ups

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I love to shop.  There is no question about it.  It is my Achilles heal.  The thing that has always gotten me in trouble and the thing the continues to lure me into the dark side like an evil spirit or a siren calling my name as if I am a ship headed toward the jagged rocks and my imminent death.

However, one aspect of shopping that I never really got hooked on was online shopping (thank goodness).  I “need” to touch and feel what I am going to buy.  I have very sensitive skin, so the way a fabric feels makes a huge difference to me.  I have bought items online and even managed to get a killer deal on them, and then they hang all alone in my closet never being worn because the seam is too itchy, or the tag irritates my skin, or the lace is just not soft enough.

But there is another aspect of shopping that the online arena takes away.  The whole being in the store.  I know that some like to avoid this, and that is why online shopping is a home run.  But for me, most days, I like to be in the store.  I like to go through the racks.  I like the hunt, the looking and searching for what I am looking for.  Looking through screen and screen, page after page of what I am looking for is not the same as pushing my cart through the aisles and taking in all the sights.

All this is coming to mind as I am looking for craft supplies for my upcoming craft classes that I will be co-teaching with a friend.  I am making sure that the supplies I need are in deed at the store prior to my arrival.  I am even jotting down the aisle number to increase my efficiency (don’t want to waste too much time and wind up going down a rabbit hole or anything).  It was through my browsing that I saw a coupon for 25% off all items including sale items.  Now this is my kind of a coupon!  I am all for saving money, whether it’s my money or the organization’s money.  But I know that I feel like a superstar when I am able to save money, and I try at every bend of the road to save as much as I can.  However, the fine print on the coupon detailed that the coupon was only for online orders or for store pick up orders.  And I let out a gasp!  Who would not want to wander the aisles of a CRAFT Store??????  Was this a typo?  Why is this craft store trying to force people to stay out of their stores?  Why are they trying to force us to use a coupon to save money but would prevent us from wandering and spending three times as much money as we budgeted as result of our aimless roaming?  I am incredibly confused!

I tried friends, I tried, to look for what I needed and to use the coupon for the savings of money and time (because time is money these days) but I struggled, I really did.  What size cards did I need?  I don’t know off the top of my head, but if I picked them up and held them in my hands, I would know.  And I need some kind of string or twine, but I don’t know the thickness by the number, however, if I felt it, I would know if it was the right one.

Needless to say, placing an online order and picking it up in store, or even having it shipped to my home does not work for me.  Not for clothes, not for groceries and certainly not for the majority of crafts that I am in need of purchasing.  I am frustrated that there is a coupon out there that I so want to use, but I am not able to, and that in the end I will be paying 25% more (in theory) because I am walking in the store, but I guess I am going to have to get over that.

It may be a long week, if in fact it is still Monday morning, and I am all fired up about crafts.  But none the less, I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a great start to your week.

3 thoughts on “Online Shopping and In store Pick Ups”

  1. Oh Roo, you should have called Mayam! I have most things “in stock” in the NC Craft Cottage and could have told you the size you needed! I love your heart my dear Lil One!

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