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Bella Babbles: Friday Edition 3/1/2019


Happy first day in March!~

It is crazy to me that we are already in the third month of the year.  January seemed to be one big Monday that was never ending and then February was a Friday, Saturday, Sunday on a loop and zoomed by.  I wonder what March holds for us.

I am not sure what to write about today, so this may be a true babble of a babble, because what is coming out on paper is literally just whatever I am pulling out of my brain, there is no premeditation being put into this post.  Which could be exciting and scary at the same time.

Lunch: Specifically Bread

I was diagnosed as having an allergy to wheat among other things some 5 or 6 years ago, I have lost count since I have been in the Gluten Free black hole, and my life has been ultimately changed.  In the beginning of the diet change I literally (like literally) dreamed of dancing, laughing, pieces of cheesy garlic bread.  So, yes the breaking up with gluten and wheat was HARD, like please take my right hand and chop it off as an alternative, hard.  But I managed and I stick to eating no wheat pretty good, except for about once a quarter when I really want a white bread grilled cheese with plastic cheese and I just cant resist and I give in and then I regret it for three days.

Today, I went to a local chain restaurant and ordered a salad and asked that they sub the bread (which is sourdough and I know that it is AMAZING with some butter) with a bag of chips as it is not in my best interest to eat said bread.  But nooooo, did they do what I asked?  Nope, nope, nope.  I get back to my desk, take out my salad and there blops out a big ole piece of yumtastic sourdough bread and it just stares at me and dares me to eat it.  I look back at it, call it Satan and throw it in the trash can, and then feel horribly guilty for throwing food that is quite edible away.  Food allergies suck, because so much food is wasted.  And I get sad because there is such tasty food out there that if I eat, I get tummy issues and then I am all miserable for days.


I may be losing my mind (metaphorically speaking) over crafts.  I am in this place where creativity is shooting out of me like rainbows shoot out of Unicorns bums.  And it is hard to contain, much in the same way Unicorns feel about the whole rainbows blasting out of their back ends.  My creativity is bubbling up in me and I am thrilled to have it return to me.  I am able to keep it to a controllable level, but I am beyond thrilled to have my most favorite hobby back.  Not only is it a self-care thingy-a-bobber for me, but it is a way that I can share my talent with others and that brings me such joy and happiness.  I have projects coming up that are heart covered cards, yarn decorated vases and then, drum roll please, an ombre colored paper butterfly canvas creation (holy Moses and Persephone am I excited for this one!!~) As the pieces and parts become available to me I look at the calendar and I count down the days like a child that is waiting for their birthday or Christmas and deal with the frustration when they realize it is more than a month away.  Please know that there will be pictures of said creations, so don’t you worry you will get a glimpse of what has been in the works of the magic maker.


Decluttering has taken a halt.  The last task that I completed was the selling of my Barbie Collection and this resulted in more money than I expected but also in anxiety and panic attacks, also not what I was expecting.  Although I was making reasonable steps, at a moderate pace, after what I refer to now as the “Barbie incident” I have taken a break from decluttering since I have had an increase in overall anxiety due to a change in hormone medication and I feel like my body is going through enough and she needs a little break.

However, I am reading Marie Kondo’s Book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” during my break and I am learning quite a bit.  I feel like while reading the book I am doing some healing from the inside out, which was also needed.  And in my house, one goal has been achieved.  There is less Michelle clutter, and therefore, I am finding it easier and less overwhelming to keep things more tidy.  And this is a total home run, hit it out of the park, run the bases (this is my one and only Spring Training baseball reference).

May your weekend be filled with sunshine and happiness.  A joy so strong that it forces a smile on your face.  A peace that forces you to drop your shoulders and helps you to take a deep breath and sit back comfortably in your seat.

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