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Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 3/8/2019


Much like last Friday, words are not coming to me as clearly as they have in days and weeks previously, so this blog may be amazing or it may be less than stellar, you and I are both in for a surprise.

Things I do know is that once again it is Friday, and this makes for today being a special and magical day, a day that many people look forward to each week (yours truly included), the ending of the work week for most and the beginning of the weekend days, a time of relaxation and respite.

Foggy Minds and Grass Fed Beef

Due to changes in medication and hormones, my brain feels like it has been washed up against a wash board like in the olden days of the 50’s.  I feel soggy, soapy and foggy.  Articulating my thoughts and speaking them has been a struggle.  I attempt to speak in a full sentence, and I mix up my words, speaking in a puzzled order and the sentences I end up speaking sound like something Dr. Seuss would deliver after he had a few too many libations on a Friday night hanging out with friends.

Yesterday I was chatting with my mama and we were talking about a recipe for Beef Bolognese. We were comparing recipes and I was attempting to babble about the ingredients, and I got stuck when she asked what kind of beef I used.  What I WANTED to say was that I used organic, free range, grass fed beef, but instead I prattled on about how the beef that I used was beef that was open pasture, kissed by children, maybe something about the cows wearing tutu’s?!?  My improv is pretty on point, even when my brain is absent, and I am pretty hilarious, and I CAN laugh at myself, but boy do I get annoyed when my thoughts get all jumbled and I can’t spit out what I want to say and when I search my brain for my thoughts and it’s a ghost town up there; nothing but tumble weeds and dust.

Hump Day Slump Day

Backtracking in the week from today being Friday to a few days ago when it was Wednesday.  The middle of the week was not the best day for me.  I am not sure what was going on, but I was slumping it on the good ole hump day.  I am guessing when you think about a camel, the hump is the high part of the camel, and I am assuming  that Wednesday is supposed to be the high part of the week, well it was not for me.  My camel this week had an inverted hump, which is more suitable for carrying people I suppose, but less suitable for carrying water.

It was just a yuck day.  A day when I said, ”that’s it, I need a break!”, and I took the day as a mental health day.  What did I do, did you ask?  I sat at my dining room table, with my cats by my sides and I used a paper punch and punched out paper hearts.  It was menial, and time consuming, but routine and monotonous, keeping my brain off sad things making me feel productive.  All the while, it also kept me from sleeping all afternoon.  It was a success.

The day off to recharge and to just “be” helped me.  I feel like I was able to reprogram and recharge.  With therapy in the morning and then self-care all afternoon, while ending the day with my last mindfulness class (I even received a fancy dancy certificate for my participation!!), a crappy day, down a slippery slope was diverted.

Cluttering Challenge: Socks

In working through my clutter, this weekend I think I am going to work on my socks.  Yup, socks.  Keeping it simple, but setting a goal, with the intention to complete it 100%, however secretly hoping that once I am done with the first goal I will be motivated to move onto another drawer, like maybe short sleeve shirts.

The Konmari method talks about taking all items out and placing them in one area like a bed.  And this sounds very overwhelming if I were to do this for let’s say my closet due to how robust that area is.  But emptying my two drawers of socks and sorting them, then matching them, deciding what to discard, I can handle that.  I don’t foresee having an issue with getting rid of old holey socks or deciding to donate socks that I just don’t like anymore.  Plus I am hoping to clean up the drawer so every morning I don’t have to go on an extensive treasure hunt just to find two socks that actually match.

I estimate that this project will take me about an hour, and I plan to complete it when my partner is working tomorrow morning.  It will be a good and productive way to start the day, but nothing too rambunctious like scrubbing the kitchen floors that Saturday morning Michelle’s are just not made for.


Unlike many weekends prior, I don’s have much planned this weekend, and I am thrilled.  I am in need of some down time and I am looking forward to being lazy like a cat.  I have some cleaning and de-cluttering to do and some reading to catch up on.  Here’s hoping that you have an enjoyable day, weekend and upcoming week.  May your days be blessed!~

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