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Bella’s Babbles Friday Edition 3/22/2019


This week is Spring Break for my house hold so it has been a little bit of a different vibe and for sure a different schedule.  The later half of the week the whole family has been home together, and it has been harmonious.  But just because Spring is here and teens are off school, doesn’t mean that appointments take a break as well.  We worked our schedules of fun and activity around my appointments and this turned out to be simply spectacular.


A Day of Fun and Amusement

Thursday proved to be a day of fun and productivity.  Starting off with getting one of the cars in the shop for a passenger airbag recall (safety first) and then heading to the local art museum.  Since it was a week day and it was 10 in the morning, it was not very crowded, and this made it all the more enjoyable for me.  Another thing that made it enjoyable was that my anxiety is at a more controllable level and I was able to just be.  There were not threats and I was able to take in the art and the calm surroundings.

I was soothed by the art of the Renaissance period.  The paintings of the full and voluptuous women.  It made me feel far more comfortable in my own skin as the changes in my recent hormone medication has caused yet another weight gain episode and I’m staring at the scale threatening it bodily harm if it escalates to another number, yet it’s not listening.  The women in the paintings were just laying there, baring it all like, “here it is people, all my glory and I am comfortable as can be!”  and I was standing there staring at the painting wishing I could be like that #renaissancewomangoals

Following the museum we went to a park and had a picnic.  Yup, it’s as simple as that.  There was a big lake and there was sunshine and two little ducks that were taking a nappy poo.  And I sat on a blanket on a bench of a picnic table and ate a delicious turkey and cheese sandwich that my daughter made with love and I was just in awe of how beautiful of a day that it was.  The sun beating down on my face, the calm wind providing just enough of a breeze to keep me at an even temperature and the sounds of laughter.  I was in heaven.

But wait, it gets better.  Next, we left the place of heaven and went to an old school ice cream parlor and had hand dipped ice cream and milk shakes.  Holy cows and chickens and baby ducks!  I know right, if only you could have been there.  We sat in a light pink booth and I fell in love with the décor and everything was just so perfectly done.  Even the napkins were adorable, and the waitress gave me a few extras to take home because I was overly ecstatic about their awesomeness. The combination of ice cream and coffee was just what this girl needed to give her the energy boost (or was it sugar bump??) to get her to the next stop on this amazing day trip, which was the psychiatry appointment.

Nothing too fancy about my appointment.  We are going to mix in another medication as there is this low-grade depression that is kicking my tooshy.  It lingers and weighs me down.  I crash every afternoon and I lack all motivation in the morning.  I feel like I haven’t the energy nor the desire to move a pebble and it takes an immense amount of motivational speaking and cheerleading to get me out of my soft like kittens robe and into the shower every morning.  There’s the need to exercise, especially with the recent weight gain, and that seems to be impossible at this point.  So, we will try out this need addition and hopefully it will work, and the side effects won’t be too terrible, and I will fare well.

KonMari Method Project

Speaking of low-grade depression, I have lingered and not made much progression with my decluttering and organizing project.  But yesterday, post psychiatry appointment, while trying my hardest not to nap and not to have an extra cup of coffee per the direction of my doctor, I decided that I would finally work on my project, again.  I started on my under things drawer, it would be somewhat easy I thought, nothing I am too attached to, and I could get it done pretty easy and then I could feel good about getting something done.

Boy, was I RIGHT!  I went through the drawer and got rid of about ¼ of what I no longer wear.  I folded my belongings like the book suggested and I only used ¼ of the drawer space.  I was in shock and awe.  So of course I needed to move on the next drawer.

Before you knew it, I was off to the closet organizing by classification (something I have been wanting to do for a bit) and feeling way accomplished.  By the end of an hour.  I had four drawers Konmari’d, the top of my dresser clean, the closet organized by classification, a whole basket put away and just one basket of clean clothes remaining.  And for me, this is a HUGE accomplishment.


Today is another busy day and it will be a challenge with the new medication on board, a night of not good sleep and day two of reduction in caffeine and naps, but I am going to apply a positive mindset and speaking positives into existence and affirm myself as if I was speaking to a very good friend of mine.

May your day be blessed and filled with sunshine and apple blossoms.

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