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Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 03/29/2018

Happy last Friday in March!~

It seems like March flew by like a leprechaun riding a rainbow to a magical pot-o-gold perhaps?!?  Although there have been many long days, when I look at the month as a whole, it seems to have been a short month and I am not totally sure how that is even possible.



IMG_4945I had the esteemed pleasure of dusting the powdered sugar off my cake making tools that have not been used for nearly a year and make a custom cake this weekend.  It was for a friend’s three-year old’s birthday which was themed as Daniel the Tiger and it was glorious.  I was intimidated and I allowed self-doubt to creep into my head.  I chose to start with the cupcakes to get my courage up and that skill came back like riding a bike, a little shaky at first but then smooth like butter.  So, when it was time for the cake, I was feeling so good about myself that I kicked out the barn doors and went for it.  The joy and happiness I felt warmed me from the inside out.  I poured love and creativity into the cake.  It was not perfect, the frosting was far too sweet, but I was happy with what I made and my lil buddy liked it and that is what mattered to me.


Zoo Time

IMG_4912With last week being spring break, my family spent time out on the town, prancing about from this place to that place, kind of acting like tourists.  Fun stuff!  Last Friday we spent several hours at the local zoo as this girl had never been to the city’s zoo and wanted to go.  After a long walk from the overflow parking much of the group was already exhausted but thanks to my new meds, I was basically equivalent to Tigger and bouncing and ready to go.  It was a beautiful day, blue skies, slight breeze and the sun, it was marvelous.  I don’t recall seeing very many animals, I was too preoccupied with not touching anything (I am still working on my germophobe issues) and soaking up the surroundings.  Although we only spent a few hours there, it was enjoyable (except the snake exhibit, uggg I hate those slimy things).


Conquering OCD

IMG_4913I have been working on expanding the arenas in which I operate within on a daily basis.  I suffer with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and this has caused a number of issues for me.  However, with the relief that my medication has been providing as well as the CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and exposure therapy, I have been able to exist and operate in a more functional way.  I have been working on using semi public restrooms as well as touching door handles, the later not so much, but one thing at a time.  In my head each time I use the restroom at my office, I tell myself that I did an excellent job, and that I am taking care of my needs and I will be fine and nothing bad will happen to me.  I speak positives to myself to drown out the negative voices that are screaming at me.


I do hope that you take time throughout your day to congratulate yourself for the things that you do, even the insignificant things.  I feel that it is important that we are our own cheerleaders.  I mean, not necessary to wear the outfit and carry the pom poms, but to cheer ourselves on and to speak positives to ourselves, because we are awesome, and we are deserving of hearing that each and every day.

4 thoughts on “Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 03/29/2018”

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I’m so excited for spring. The first quarter of the year traditionally has been harder for me so I’m relieved it’s in the rear view mirror and I’m into a new section of the year. Have an incredible weekend!


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