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Bella’s Babbles Friday Edition: 4/5/2019


Happy Friday Ya’ll… the end of the week is upon us.  I am not sure about you, but it seems like it took a little bit longer than it usually does to get here.  Like when I go hiking with my spouse and I ask how long it will be until we get to the summit and he’s like, “ehhh a mile or so…” and then an hour later we get there, that’s what this week has felt like.  The sun bearing down on my neck, having to pee but not having a place to go because you know, I am hiking and there is no restroom, and having an itch in your shoe that you can’t get to, well, because you are hiking.  That is the best way I know of to describe this week.

Konmari Method

Much thanks to the mania that I was exhibiting this week, I was able to complete the Konmmari methoding to my clothes in my dressers and my closet.  It feels amazing to have everything so neat and tidy.  Now I feel peace and have a calm about me.  I don’t feel overwhelmed when I walk into my bedroom, I am not feeling shame either due to having all my stuff everywhere, it is glorious, simply glorious.



Last weekend we took a trip to the river and it was delightful.  Right now the weather is just perfection.  Mid 70’s bright blue skies and a slight breeze.  We are trying to eagerly spend as much time outside as possible because before we know it the 115* summer will be upon us and we will feel like we are trapped indoors due to the furnace that is blazing outside our front door. 

It was so enjoyable to be by the river, I was building a rock fort (can’t remember what the rock building/totem pole is actually called) and my family was skipping rocks.  We were in a shaded area and it was just us.  It was just so nice and so memorable, I am so glad that I did not let my pure exhaustion keep me from spending the time with my family on the little spur of the moment road trip that we decided to take.

Sunday Funday

This Sunday I am teaching a crafting class.  And I am boogers excited, but as much I am excited, I am nervous.  Why you inquire, well because I get nervous about just about everything, it is just the way I tick.  I have been prepping for weeks.  We are making yarn covered vases, mason jars and mini milk jugs.  I have so many balls of yarn in my house it is a little bit insane.  I think I mentally have it figured out how I will have the room set up, where I will have the snacks and where I will have a set up for the craft that we will do at the end of the month (ombre butterfly heart canvas, pretty gnarly craft, that I am way excited about).  I am thinking coffee and water and if I have the energy some cupcakes, because what isn’t better than crafting with cupcakes and coffee??  Below are samples of some creations that I made as “test subjects.”


More Weekend Plans

A little birdie may have told me that there could be an adventure waiting for me on Saturday.  Perhaps it’s a M & A adventure, a road trip of sorts.  I am excited.  And I keep telling this depression that is creeping back up that it needs to take a back seat, hell it needs to stay home because I am tired, tired physically and tired mentally of how it’s not allowing me to live my greatest life.  I want to want to do grand things, to go on adventures and to travel.  And oh how the depression and anxiety cause such challenges with this more often than naught.  I am working hard with my compliance so that my medication can do the best job it can do so I am in the best shape possible, that I have the best chance possible to enjoy the day.

I send positive vibes your way, so that you may blossom like that of a wild and strong sunflower, always looking up towards the sun.  Blessings to you!~ 

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