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Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 4/12/19

Friday is upon us once again.  This week has been peculiar.  It started off, well, crappy, and then blossomed into a pretty marvelous week.  It amazes me how a shift in mindset can change the outcome of a how week, and can make things, well, just better.

Crafting Class

IMG_5147Last Sunday, the 7th, was the crafting class that I had mentioned last week.  The craft for the class was a yarn covered vase, jar or container and was a family craft, so the room was filled with children and their parents.  We had yarn, containers, scissors, glue (lots of it) and cupcakes!  I swung by Starbucks and picked up a travel container of coffee to help us adults match the energy of the children.

I was thrilled with how the room was set up and the fact that the feedback I received was positive and included people stating that they had an enjoyable time and would be interested in future classes.  This made me feel good and it was my goal to create a positive environment where people could have an enjoyable time with a fun craft where they would want to return.  I feel like the experience was a success.

Welcomed Home

img_3706Sometimes I overlook the trivial things that really make my day.  One thing, that happens nearly every day, is what I receive when I get home each and every day when I get home from work.  I am not gone for an extensive number of hours, usually about eight.  But I pull into the drive, lock my car and it makes that beeping sound, I unlock the door and there are my little kitty munchkins.  They circle around my feet, meowing and showering me with love and “words”.

I feel as if they are saying “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…” and telling my all about their day and telling me that they missed me.  I give them pets and I, being the animal lover that I am, ask them about their day and listen as if they were speaking back to me.  It is silly, and I am not sure what my doctors would think if I were to share that I speak to my cats in this manner, but it brings me joy and I think that is the most important thing.

I am in a place right now, where I am most appreciative of these small, but grand things in my life, that bring me incredible amounts of joy.

Sunday Funday

IMG_4912This Sunday I am co-hosting a Family event at the local Zoo.  I am excited to be able to get back to the zoo as the weather here is still nice but won’t be pleasant for much longer.  The heat will be rolling in before I know it, and I want to try and spend as much time outside as I can, plus there are animals so that makes it pretty awesome.

We created a scavenger hunt for the attendees to fill out to make the most out of the trip and we will also have trivia questions.  For each trivia question answered correctly, there will be a prize awarded.  And, maybe my favorite is a contest for the most animal like outfit that is worn to the event.  I am so going to sport some cheetah print leggings and cat ears.


IMG_4867I was chatting with a friend today about how far we have come in a year.  It is truly amazing to look at where I was a year ago and where I am today.  I am where I wanted to be but didn’t think I could get.  Heck, on Monday I didn’t think I would get to where I am today, so for sure a year ago, I never thought I would get to a place where I was feeling the upmost balanced and in tune and very Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.  (Not perfect, but you get what I am trying to say).

I am feeling incredibly blessed and humbled.  To the point of being incredibly overwhelmed to be honest.  Like, how do I handle this.  How does one handle being in sync and being “ok”?  It’s been quite some time since I have been here, and it feels odd and like I said earlier peculiar.  But like with all new things, I will feel it out, take one step at a time.  Put my toe in the water and feel the temperature of the water before totally jumping in and submerging myself.  This is all very good.  I am going to treasure it, and this go around, I am not going to fear it going away, no, I am going to enjoy every moment of it.

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