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Happy Birthday Hunter!~


Hunter Mahoney

Today is my youngest cat’s birthday.  He is seven.  It’s hard to believe that he has been in my life for seven years at this point.  I remember the day I brought him home from the vet (that is where I adopted him) and he was such a small, little baby kitten.  I could hold him cupped in one hand.  And now, he is grand, weighing just shy of 20 pounds and when he allows me to lift him, I must use two arms and potentially wear a back brace.  Oh Hunter Mahoney, you are my baby boy and I have a love for you that is unique.

Animals are such a blessing to have in our lives.  I am a cat person; Although, I have had a number of animals growing up.  We had dogs, cats, fish, frogs, birds and hamsters. I love animals, but I prefer cats over all animals.  Our personalities mesh well together.  They like to take naps and be lazy and most of the time, I like to do the same.  They can be finnicky and tend to hiss at people passing them by and go figure I do the same thing!

I love that my felines greet me at the door every day when I get home from being out.  It makes me feel missed and loved.  They act a lot like dogs, in a lot of respect, but I wonder if that is because of the way that we treat them.  I chat with them, I ask them to follow me, I call to them and they come running.  Is that normal for cats?  I am not sure; I do think it is more normal for dogs.

I was chatting with a friend today about how therapeutic pets are for their owners.  How beneficial they are and how they help with a person’s mood and overall well-being.  I have found that when I am down, my cats pick up on it and are there just to snuggle (and my cats are not the most snuggly of creatures) or sit with me, they let me know that they are there for me, to be supportive, just close enough, but not too close to smother.  The times that I have had surgeries, they did not leave my side.

Most days I remind myself how lucky I am to have my pets in my world.  But today, I am extra thankful for my fur babies with it being Hunter’s birthday.  I can’t imagine a world without him, or without his sister Charlee Mae.  My life has been incredibly blessed in so many capacities.  And I don’t want to over look the fact that a source of my blessings comes from the animals that I have in my life.

Charlee Mae

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