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Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 4/26/2019

IMG_0053The last Friday of April has arrived.  It is taking its sweet time passing by, but it is here, and I am enjoying its presence.  I woke early this morning and I had one thing on my mind, well two, coffee (of course) and cupcakes.  I have an order due tomorrow and I want to make sure I do an excellent job as this is the first order that I have had in a while.  I am excited to be back in the saddle and doing something that I enjoy, even though it destroys my kitchen and the cleaning up part is my least favorite part of the process.



This week was another busy one.  With work, appointments and quite a bit of baking, I kept myself busy.  However, I did stay within my boundaries, and I did not over extend myself.  In the past, this is not something that I was capable of, the not over extending myself thing.  I would give, give, give, and then I would crash, and I would crash hard.  But through a lot of learning and trials, I have started to master the technique of giving, but still keeping some for me, so my reservoir is never empty.  This is quite an accomplishment for me, and for this I am quite proud of myself.


Weekend Plans

I am beyond excited to teach another crafting class tomorrow.  The class is a crafting class where we will take paper butterflies and affix them with glue onto a 16×20 plain white canvas.  The template I have for the arrangement of the butterflies is a heart.  However, I plan to advise the class to reach deep down into their creative spirit and let their creative juices guide them in creating whatever comes to their mind.  What I love about art, in my mind, is that anything can be art, and nothing has to be perfect.  There is no comparison between one artist’s work to another because we all have different skill sets, that allow us to each create unique designs and creations.  I have cupcakes for a snack and will have coffee on hand to provide us with some extra energy for this late afternoon class.



Looking back over the week, I am wondering what I could have done better.  I think that I could have been a little bit more patient with those that I interact with and I could have been a better listener.  And to put the two together, I could have been a more patient listener.  At times I get caught up in all that I have to do, and I get lost in my own head, to the point where when others speak, I listen, but I don’t fully listen, and I miss some of what they are saying.  I plan to work on this over the weekend and into next week.


As we transition into the weekend, I hope that you are able to let what happened during the week go, and although all that may happen during the coming days to flow into your world.  That the positive energy of the days that are yet to come wash over you and bring you peace, harmony and happiness.

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