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Bella’s Babbles: Saturday Edition 05/25/2019


It’s been another one of those weeks where the week has been such a week that Friday came and went without a published babble.   My apologies… But, now that it is Saturday, and it is more calm on the home front, I now have the room to sit and well, babble.


As I sit on my freshly made bed, which is quite calming I have found, the art of making a bed, the neatness, the orderliness, the exactness of the sheets being in place and the covers as well, my cat is laying on the floor, showing my his big, white, full of crunchies belly.  I have heard that when cats are comfortable in their surroundings that they can go into that position, the one of showing their bellies.

It brings me such joy that both my cats often position themselves in this pose as that means that they are quite comfy and happy and feel safe.



Over the last several weeks I have made a substantial change to the way that I eat.  I have decided that I would hyper focus my attention on what I am putting into my body since I have been having such challenges with my hormones and how my body is absorbing the hormones that I am taking.

As result, I chose to adopt a more plant-based diet, venturing down a vegetarian path.  I have found that the transition has been one of ease.  Much to my surprise, this transition has led me to craving, craving I tell you, seafood.  I like seafood, always had, but never had been a huge seafood eater, until now.  Not sure what it is about seafood, but currently my body is wanting it in a big way.  So, I am eating a pescatarian diet and have found that I am feeling quite swell.

I have full support of my doctor(s) and my family is being very supportive as well.  I am having fun with new recipes and am using mindful eating techniques to really enjoy the food and the newer tastes and textures.



This weekend I am attending as a crafter, a class where I am learning to make a patriotic wreath.  I am excited to be able to attend a class where I am the student.  One, I don’t have to do all the prep work and deal with the stress that I tend to take on when I am the teacher, and two, I get to learn, which is something that I love to do.  I will attend the class with my family and this excites me to be able to spend family time with the people that mean the most to me.


I seem to be running out of babbles.  After a long week, my brain is mushy and in need of some rest and relaxation.  My main hope is that you too may be able to obtain the rest and relaxation that your body and mind needs.  Many blessings to you and yours on this glorious day that has been given to us.

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