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Bella’s Babbles: Sunday Edition 06/30/2019


No photo description available.It’s been a number of weeks since a babble has been published on a Friday as I had originally planned, my apologies for my tardiness and across the board inconsistency.  However, although I am working on it, I am not the most on time, consistent creature in the world, and then when you throw bi polar on top of that and it makes it even more challenging to be punctual and precise.  But, I will work harder to get the weekly babbles released on Friday’s moving forward, as I feel it’s a great thing to have on a Friday, and a way to signify the end of the work week, and a babble on a Saturday or a Sunday, doesn’t quite have the same flair as a Friday babble.

Now onto the actual babbles …

I recently went on vacation and was able to experience a number of things.

To get the dirty work out of the way, you can read about the yucky anxiety here ( A Vacation Away )

But, the fun stuff will continue below …

Strawberry Picking

Back Breaking, My Body is Not Made for This Manual Labor Activity Boloney Sandwiches, I only picked 15 strawberries event, is more like it…. So I wore jeans, and they were skinny jeans and we had to squat and yeah that did not work out too well and then my knees were like “oh hell’s no girlz” and then I was taken aback by how amazing everything was and took more pictures than I did actually pick the strawberries.  And no sir, I did not steal any, and actually now that I think about I never ate a single strawberry that I picked.


Image may contain: plant, outdoor, nature and waterWe went on hikes and hikes and hikes.  And it was soo, soo, sooo green.  And then one hike he was like of yeah there’s poison oak, so I was walking like an Ostrich because I was wearing shorts and afraid of getting contaminated and that totally took away from the hike, but then I was like, ok if anything I will lose some weight on all these hikes AND I’ll get some good pictures.  Well, I did get some good pictures, and we saw some amazing waterfalls (had lunch by one too) but did I lose any weight, an ounce?  Oh hell no I didn’t?  I mean how is that possible?  It has nothing to do with the ice cream flight (yes a flight of ice cream, like a sampling of four different types of ice cream, a ½ scoop of each that you get to pick out) it was like heaven in cups on a board and it was fantastical) but still not even like a half pound loss people?  Can’t a girl get a little bit of a win?


Image may contain: cloud, plant, sky, flower, tree, outdoor and natureWe went to a couple of gardens and I guess when you go to a place that gets a tremendous amount of rain things bloom (unlike in the desert where it doesn’t rain much and we have dirt and dirt doesn’t bloom much).  There was the Japanese garden and the Rose garden.  The Japanese garden was pretty cool, but for me I really enjoyed the Rose garden.  I felt like I had fallen down a rabbit hole and had become Alice.  Every part of me wanted to just lay on the ground and look up at the flowers and have a conversation with the sky.  I did NOT do this for fear of being swept away by people in white coats and the fact that I have an allergy to grass and the mere issue with not having any Benadryl on me, but it was amazing.  I took quite a few pictures, but I really just enjoyed the ambience of the garden.  The people mingling, the sounds of camera lenses snapping, the smell of the roses.  At one point I sat on a bench and I just observed and it was so rewarding.

Board Games

Image may contain: indoorWe stumbled across a place that is simply a place to play board games.  They offer the games and beverages, you pay a fee per person to play and can purchase beverages off the menu.  The day started with the art museum, a book store, clothing store and venturing through the city, so when we came here and we all found a game we liked, Taboo and it was a crowd pleaser (we actually raced to the local Red Bullseye Market last night post getting home last night to go and purchase it)  We played numerous rounds and we laughed and giggled.


I have learned that there is good in all things.  Some days it is harder to find those little bits of sparkle, but, when you search hard enough, you can find it.  I forced myself every day to find good in the day while I was on vacation.  These were some of my highlights.

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