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IMG_1252Recently, I have found that I get depleted of energy quite quickly.  I remind myself of being a device with an old battery that doesn’t keep good charge and needs to be charged often.

I was thinking about coffee and how presumably without it, I may not be able to make it through the day and therefore I may not be able to be as productive as I currently am.  That made me wonder if I am trying to do too much.  And, then I thought that could not be, because there’s so much to be done, and then I reminded myself of the white rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland movies and I smiled.

It feels like it has been a long summer.  Out here in the desert our summer officially started some time in May and is still in full force.  We have had numerous days that have been in the upper 100*’s and this wears on a person and their mind.  I am sure in the same respect, a person that lives in a climate where it is cold and frigid, long periods of time exposed to subzero temperatures also negatively affects a person.

I personally wonder if we were created to be exposed to these extremes, but that perhaps is for another blog babble.

I know that the summer is wearing on me.  I also know that the medications that I am on all have side effects of fatigue.  In addition I have been working through countering fears and anxiety and that wears on a person.  Hence, I am tired, exhausted and run down.

It is not uncommon for me to make it home, check around the house to see if anyone is home and then slither into bed to grab an hour or so of some rest time.  I just need to decompress, especially after a tiring workday, a day when I did a lot of driving or a day when I had doctor appointments.

Somedays I try hard to avoid the bed altogether, I will not go into my bedroom, I will stay in my work clothes and I will find ways to busy myself, weather it be at the house or running personal errands.  This way I do not sleep.  All the while all I can think about is napping.  The softness of the bed, the weight of my weighted blanket, the companionship of my very round cat that usually joins me for my afternoon siestas.  But I know that it is unrealistic for me to nap everyday and the last thing I want to do is mess up my very good, regimented sleep routine.

So, I have been thinking about other ways that I can recharge my battery that do not include actually sleeping.  This is the concise list that I have come up with:

  • Reading a book/Listening to an audible book
  • Crocheting/ Painting /Crafting in general
  • Blogging/Writing/Journaling
  • Cleaning/Organizing/Straightening (Ugg, def not my first choice!)
  • Family time/Game Night/Round Table Discussions!!
  • Visit to the gym / Yoga / Stretching
  • Gardening (when the weather cools off)

Although these items sound like work, they offer benefits that can recharge the body.  On a day that I am dead tired, I doubt that I am going to head off to the gym, but stranger things have happened.  Do you have any suggestions on ways to recharge that do not include sleeping because I am totally open for suggestions?

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