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Pieces of Art

IMG_1389It dawned on me today as I was looking at pictures in my phone, that we are pieces of art in process of being made into masterpieces.

Yup, that’s it, simply put, we are being made into pieces of beauty through all that we are going through, by what we go through, one day at a time.

I was looking at pictures I sent to a friend of a dream catcher that I was creating.  I sent her pictures of the work in progress.  The first few pictures, goodness I was so incredibly proud of when I first sent them, I was so excited to have started on the project and to have started making progress and to see my idea come to fruition.  However, now that I look back at my meager beginnings, I turn my nose up in disgust and when I look at what I had created I think that is, well, kind of ugly, juvenile, not attractive, blah!

IMG_1399I forget the pride that I felt, the excitement that was filling my bones, the peace and comfort that filled me sitting in my craft room, being in my element, in my special space, listening to classical and meditation music and wrapped in the aroma of my cactus blossom Bath and Body Works candle.  How relaxing the atmosphere was and how wonderful it was to be in my very special place.

When I look at the finished product, I am thrilled with what I created.  I beam with pride; I get excitement that launches down to my toes and circles back up to the top of my head.  I see what was a hoop, some yarn, a few feathers and miscellaneous beads and what I transformed these odd pieces into.  I see what an hour of concentrated time and creatively charged energy created and I feel like a Care Bear beaming from my belly.

In no way is my crafting going to end up in an art show or a museum or make it somewhere other than my family’s walls of their homes, but I am proud of what I can create.  And the outlet that I have to express what lies within me, what I can release.

Much like in life, sometimes we look back at the beginning and we don’t like where we started, and we think it’s just yuck.  We can feel embarrassed and wish that we had a different start.  But when we see the finished product, we realize that had we not had the start that we did (that ugly start, the one that we did not like) we wouldn’t have the finished product that we are so in love with and fills us with such pride.

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