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A Friday Babble: Short and Sweet

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I have been writing for an extended period of time today.

I wanted to write about the week that I have had as it has been a heck of a week.

But I keep writing and writing and words keep flowing, but the words and the sentences that the words and sentences are creating are not cohesive.

I am saying lots with what I am putting down on paper, but in the end, I am saying nothing.


What I do want to say is that I am feeling that I am full of peace and love.

I feel that burdens that consisted of stress and the inability to control elements of my life that used to weigh me down, no longer weigh on me the way it has in the past, and this feels amazing.

I may not be sleeping to my full potential, so life still has room for improvement, but I can look at what I have and see it for what it is and be overwhelmed with grace and thankfulness.


There’s so much more that can and could be said, but it would be, well, babbles.

Today I will not babble.  I will be precise and to the point.

Life can be as grand as you allow it to be, and today, I am letting today be amazing, outstanding, and all that it can be.

4 thoughts on “A Friday Babble: Short and Sweet”

  1. You keep writing, sweetie…..💕 and it’s nice to hear your full of peace and love ❤️ !!! It’s our trademark. Thanks for posting…. ✊ Take care….

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    1. Thank you for your post…. it feels good to have some peace back… it has been such a climatic week, that having the peace is such a reward. I feel like its been a few weeks worth of a week, but I also feel like much has been accomplished and for that I am incredibly grateful.
      I hope your day is blessed and that there is sunshine that brightens your day figuratively and metaphorically.

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  2. Thank you…. peace is definitely such a reward…. And it’s nice that you feel that so much as been accomplished…. You deserve peace and love in your ❤️ we can have bad days… but you can always get back up.. And stand tall with our heads held high, because you are strong my friend, take care…


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