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The Path

person holding three orange carrots
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In life, I have set myself on a path, outlined where I was going and how I would get to where I needed to go.  I had it all figured out.  I could see where I was, and where I needed to go, and exactly how I would get there. Easy peeasey fresh and squeezy.

So then this thing called life happens, and Frigidaires up my whole path, like a tornado plowing through my village and pulling up turnips and carrots and tossing them all over the place, making a mess.

When the carnage is over, I am a quarter of the way down my path and I am looking at this mess that is sitting before me wondering how the French bulldog I am going to make it to the end point as I can’t even see the path because there are mounds of turnips and carrots laying all over the place as if a big pot of soup just threw up everywhere.

This is where the choose your own adventure comes into play:

Adventure One:

I sit and weep, paralyzed with the overwhelming feelings that are associated with knowing that there is so much work to do with cleaning up all the carrots and turnips in attempts to find the original path and get back on the way we had originally established.

Adventure Two:

I climb on top of the pile of carrots and turnips and survey the world from the higher perspective and see what else is out there and what could possibly lie ahead of me and what I could gain by moving forward and trying something new and different.


I am in a place where I had to choose the second adventure.  I had to let go of an original plan, the path that was laid out, and try a different route.  Realizing that I am still on a path, I am still working toward the goal, which is working on my overall wellness but, we are just going about it in a unique way at this point.

At times, we need a widespread storm of carrots and turnips to come through and destroy our original path to force us to make the decision between weeping and freezing and climbing and surveying.

If given the choice between sitting and weeping or climbing and surveying, what choice would you make?

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