A Poem: Seasaw

This poem was written about a month and a half ago while reflecting on how my life has been over the last year dealing with bipolar disorder.

While receiving intensive treatment for said mental illness, I received a hope that burned bright that showed me that I held the power within to make changes in my life.



I start on the ground

Before I know it I’m high in the sky

Dangling my feet, free like a bird

The air is thin, I feel high


I plummet to the ground

The hard landing knocks me off my seat

I fall and cry

The ground is cold, I shiver, I feel alone


Time passes; slowly

A worm crawls by me

There is a puddle of my tears turning to mud

I sit up and say, “I’ve had enough!”


I raise and stand

I no longer will play this childish game

No more skyrocketing and then kerplunking

The seasaw is a childish toy and I’m no child

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