Bella’s Big Adventure: The Welcome Home

woman wearing grey long sleeved top photography
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Howdy there buckaroos!~

I am super excited to be reunited with my laptop and able to type type type away.

How I have missed babbling, but with any big adventure that one goes on, there are some sacrifices that must be made.

I am not sure that there are words that can begin to describe how it was being on my big adventure.  Life transforming is what comes to mind, or perhaps a learning experience is another, oh wait no I have a better one, how about charting an unnavigated waters in a rickety sailboat?!?

I have learned so very much.  Mentally I feel more empowered, and physically I feel stronger and rejuvenated.  I cried so very many tears, letting go of so much baggage (easier to travel home when you relinquish what you brought with you), and just overall having a true sense of wellness coursing through my body.

I returned home nearly a week ago and it sure has been a whirlwind.  Having been gone for 2 months, there was catching up to do, but there was also prep for Christmas and Hanukah.  It was glorious to be with my family and to have the opportunity to spend quality time together while getting ready and finishing up shopping, decorating the house and of course making cookies.

Celebrating Hanukah and Christmas was wonderful.  Having such peace in my heart allowed me to get through the stress of the holidays.  The skills I have learned to handle, cope with, and overcome stress came in handy.  But, just the ability to be with my family was a true present in itself.

As the celebration of the year ending with the welcoming of the New Year on the horizon, I have such hope in my heart.  Hope that this quickly approaching year of 2020 will be filled with love, joy and laughter.  That mental health stability will be present and that I will continue to work with my body to live a life that is best for both of us.

It’s amazing to be back…in case I am unable to post before the next holiday, may you have a truly peaceful end to the year and an extravagant and blessed start to the new year.

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