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New Year Resolutions, or the lack there of

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It is the second day of the new year and I have not exercised at all.  Nor have I started eating better or any of the other resolutions that are usually put in place at the end of the previous year and the beginning of new year.  The only thing that I have achieved is bringing a bag lunch to work, and actually sleeping for more than five (5) hours last night.

Personally, I do not make resolutions.  I DO make plans for the new year, but I don’t consider them to be resolutions.  I feel that when one puts a resolution in place for some reason it is nearly impossible to achieve the resolution fully, if at all.

On this second day of the new year, I am able to happily share that I have been able to spend quality time with my family.  I was given the opportunity to spend time on shopping adventures with each of my children separately.  Finding something to wear to an anime convention in town as well as finding some décor items for a teen bedroom to help personalize it.  The first day of the new year concluded with a surplus of amazing food shared with my whole extended family.  Goodness bee, what a day!~

While on my big adventure that concluded nearly two weeks ago, I was without my family (for the most part) and how I missed them.  During the 45 days that I was away, I may have spent a mere 24 hours with my family.  This separation assisted me in purely cherishing each person in my family, and also the longing to just be in their presence.  Absence does make the heart grow even more fond.

As result of being away, I have achieved stability for more than a month.  And this is a hell of an accomplishment.  One that makes me giddy.  Sure I have had a few “bad days” and other days where I had some less than desirable moments.  But overall, my mental health has been stable, and this is such an answer to prayer.

Since rolling into the new year, I feel motivated to continue putting forth tremendous effort to maintain my mental health stability as well as being the best mom and partner that I can be.  I have a renewed energy and excitement for life.  I am aware that all days will not be spectacular, but when those days hit, I will be able to stop, change my focus to what I am feeling, the source of the issue, where I feel the feeling in my body and THEN move forward with how I am going to respond.  Although it takes more time, it is so incredibly worth stopping and reflecting.  This skillset was a huge takeaway from my time away.

As we keeping moving through this year, I wish for you the peace that passes all understanding.  The freedom from the ooglies of life, but the inner strength to power through all that may enter your life.  I wish you the absolute best in all entities of your life.  And much love, joy and peace.  May you press on towards all the things that enter your life.

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