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A Babble’s Babble

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Often times, I have an urge to write, but nothing comes to mind.  Or I have ideas and I write them down, but I choose not to show it to the world.  Today, is one of those days.  I want to write, I have ideas, but nothing is sticking to paper.

While in the mood to write, but nothing is coming to be, I was thinking that I love the way my hair looks as well as dresses with pockets.  My hair is growing out from a pixie cut and it’s just simply adorable right now, and this makes me happy.  Plus, dresses with pockets are an absolute life saver when you need a place for your Chapstick for emergency applications that arise throughout the day.  And a well-placed shade of lipstick totally completes a look.

I also found this week that pumping gas takes forever, and there are days I just don’t have time to stand there and wait for a full tank of gas fill up.  And then it blows my mind, that I don’t have time to pump gas.  Like, how will I get where I need to be, to do all the things that need to be done, if I run out of gas.  I need to make sure that I keep my priorities in place.

I like to wear dresses, but I rarely will show a bare leg.  I wear stockings and slips even though they are uncomfortable because that’s the way I feel the most presentable.  There ARE times when I have showed a bare leg, but I was wearing bike shorts under the dress so I was all clear for any Marilyn Monroe incidents that may come up.

Cooking is a favorite of mine.  Not cleaning, just the cooking.  It’s fun to me to make something from a bunch of raw materials and ingredients and then bam!~ you have a tremendously delicious meal in front of you.  My plating needs work, but you know you can’t be perfect at everything.  And, to have your family enjoy what you have made and to hear silence at the dinner table because everyone is chewing, is music to my ears.

Speaking about food, I started a new eating plan and it’s working, as I am feeling better in my body, but to be honest it is torture.  It is very limited and definitely something to get accustomed to.  However, I am not dreaming of dancing butter pats and rolls of sour dough bread, so I think I am doing ok.  Plus through in some intermittent fasting and I have a whole new lifestyle.

It also amazes me that I am able to type without looking at the keyboard.  Same as being able to pick up my flute and know where the notes are even though it has been forever and a day since I have placed that amazing piece of metal.

So many things to think on, so little time to write it all down and get it on paper.  But, these are a few of my favorite things, or maybe more the things that bounce around my head and need a new home, or just a voice to be shared with the world!~


May your day be blessed.  May all things turn into water under the bridge.  May you experience the feeling of peace in your body, deep in your soul.

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