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Valentine’s Day…A Day of Love


I have been thinking a lot about Valentine’s Day today probably because it IS Valentine’s Day.  However, I’ve been thinking about it in a unique way.

This is a holiday known for giving of gifts, chocolate, flowers and candy hearts (and I saw some wine in the hearts day section of the store as well)… These are great!  I love gifts, I love to give them and I love to receive them.  The full process makes me giddy.

2020 Valentine’s day has me thinking more about the love side of things and less about the gifts and fanfare.  Don’t get me wrong, gifts will be distributed tonight, but there will be more to the night.  It hit me hard this year about love, how I love and how I can do a better job at loving.

Tonight it will be a family effort to make a one of a kind, Valentine’s day, red and pink, and hearts dinner and dessert.  Love will be present as we all gather and spend quality time together.  Quality time makes me feel so loved and important.

Other ways that love can be shown is the way that we talk to our family.  Changing what we say from being negative to positive is something I learned yesterday after reading a phenomenal article.  When your ten-year-old leaves a village of Legos all over the family room, instead of saying “This room is such a mess!”  In a more positive light, one could say, “I’m happy that you love playing with Legos, but I like to keep the house tidy, can we work together to clean up the toys?”  Changing the tone of what is said changes the whole conversation and the actions that follow.

Another way to show love is the way we compliment one another, in the form of words of affirmation.  Like commenting that your spouse looks attractive, especially in the blue shirt that makes their eyes stand out.  In addition you could let your daughter know that the side part really accents her beautiful face and cheekbones.

Instead of getting caught up in the cards and gifts, the relationship statuses and the other superficial items that I feel are attributed to this holiday, I plan to focus more on the moments that I have with the people that I love.  I will aspire to be more loving and more positive.  I will not allow the stress of the day to affect the way that I interact with my family.  I will embrace positively loving.

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