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Precious Time


I learn many things every day.  This increase in knowledge affects all aspects of my life.  My life is better with what I’ve gained through this process.

The biggest thing that I have encountered, which transformed my world, is the idea of how we spend our time.  To elaborate, how much time are we allowing ourselves to spend being angry or miffed at a family member or friend?

When there is a disagreement, things can be upsetting.  Our feelings get hurt and we hold onto that feeling of frustration, anger or sadness.  Perhaps we “stew” or hold grudges for an hour or a day or even a week.  We spend an extended amount of time holding onto the negativity.  To be blunt, this is wasted time.

Holding onto negative feelings is not doing any good.  It is reducing the time that we could be joyful and happy.  Simply, life is short.  We never know when something may change, and our worlds are turned upside down.  I think that it is worth asking yourself, “Is being upset worth losing precious time I have with my person(s)?”

I have found that the answer is no, it is not worth it.  Don’t get me wrong, I get upset and I stay upset.  I hold grudges too.  These are things that I am earnestly working on changing.  It is hard to change, but it’s harder to not be able to get back time once it is gone.

Anything could happen that changes our world.  When change does happen, I sit with tears in my eyes, missing the life that I used to have with the people that I love and have loved.

I am making a choice to not waste time on fighting, disagreeing, being angry about things that are trivial in the grand scheme of things.

There is an anxiety technique that I use in these situations.  I ask myself, will this matter in 5 minutes, 5 months, 5 years?  It changes one’s perspective.  When someone hurts my feelings, I ask myself will this matter in 5 minutes, probably.  What about 5 months, no not likely.  And then in 5 years, absolutely not.  By letting it go, I allow there to be 5 months and 5 years of living my life, loving my person and living a more content life.

Live and love life.  Hold tight to the people that are in your circle.  Love them fiercely as time is short.

2 thoughts on “Precious Time”

  1. Thank you for sharing your comment with me about the article feeling like it related to you. I so appreciate your reading the blog and supporting me in this effort (of writing).
    I send positive vibes and energy your way, and hope that it is soothing.


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