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Maintaining Balance

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At times life gets insane.  Waking up, getting the household ready for work and school.  Working the day away, only to come home, and start the after-work routine.  It’s exhausting and seemingly relentless.

If you co-manage your life with a mental health condition, life gets even more complicated.  All that needs to be accomplished can make it that much more difficult.  Juggling taking medication, attending appointments, exercising and self-care, makes it challenging to keep it all together.

For the last 4 years, I have been attempting to find my groove.  When I was diagnosed in the beginning of 2016 with General Anxiety Disorder and Rapid Cycling Bi Polar, I had no balance in my life.  Everything was an emergency and I was constantly putting out “fires”.  Life was incredibly chaotic, and I was losing it mentally.  I was over-extending myself, eating poorly, committing to numerous activities and having no sit still time.

Now I have a routine and more balance.  I am proud of what I have been able to achieve.  One thing I have learned is the importance of taking time for self and at times taking a time out.  Both are so incredibly important.

For instance, when we are traveling via airplane, we are instructed about the use of a mask should there be a change in cabin pressure.  If you have a child seated next to you, the instructions are to apply your mask first then assist the child.  I take this to heart and apply it to my everyday life.  If I am not caring for myself, then I am unable to care for others.

Having a spouse and children, I know that it is vitally important that I take care of myself, so I can be the person that I need to be for me and my family.  This may mean taking some time away from my family so I can exercise, meditate, or perhaps just take a few minutes to decompress.  I feel like this is healthy and what is needed to achieve balance.

My life has been transformed and I am relieved to have balance in my life.  It is my desire that others may be able to find peace and tranquility through balance as well.

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