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Childlike Happiness

mila and sprinklerI came across a picture on my Facebook memories today.  It’s a black and white photo.  The focus is water sprinkling out of a hose, held by my daughter, wearing her black combat boots with pink laces.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  The composition of the photo is on point.  The rule of thirds is in place.  The focus is where it should be.  The picture has a certain amount of a blur to it, further pulling your eye to the water spraying out of the hose.

After seeing this picture, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I kept going to the joy that I feel when I look at this photo, how I can remember the day.  It was spring and it was warm.  We were watering the plants and the trees.

Oh, how I miss the days of pure happiness and joy, the kind of days that children experience.  In most cases, they don’t have the fear and anxiety that some possess as we become older.  They wake each morning with excitement and fall asleep with wondrous memories of the day, the adventures they went on and the joy they experienced.

I want to feel like a child again.  Not the parts where you go to bed at 8 pm or where your mom picks out your clothes, but the experiencing joy and happiness fully.  The wonderment of life, the excitement for every day.  That curiosity that accompanies adventures where children are anxiously waiting to take.

This had me thinking, what do I need to do in order to get this zest for life back?  How can I be more childlike?

The first thing that I need to do is stop taking everything so incredibly seriously.  I stress over every little and big thing.  There is so much stressing and worrying, that it is taking a toll on my health.

I am going to find joy and happiness in the littles of life.  I’ll be excited to be home and see my cats.  As well as being even more ecstatic to see my family.  I’ll look forward to going to work and collaborating with my co-workers.  The fact that I have a job will elicit happiness into my soul.

These are the things that can start me in the right direction.  They will assist me in gaining joy and happiness, being more childlike.  I have decided that I will start today.  What better of a day than today?

2 thoughts on “Childlike Happiness”

  1. Santa once told me, “never loose your child-like wonder”. I will never forget those sage words and strive everyday to live in “child-like wonder”!

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